Day in history for December 28, 2003

1853 -- 150 years ago
A controversy has risen as to whether the city council should instruct its delegate, Colonel Buford, for whom to vote for director of the Chicago and Rock Island railroad. The aldermen instructed Buford to cast this city's vote for Lemuel Andrews of Rock Island, but the instructions were rescinded at the council's next meeting.

1878 -- 125 years ago
Billy Emerson's famous minstrels appears in Dart's Hall tonight. Tomorrow the attraction will be the British Blondes.

1903 -- 100 years ago
The Tri-City Labor Congress has asked the secretary of war and President T.R. Roosevelt to investigate discrimination at Rock Island Arsenal against machinists who went out on strike for two months in 1896.

1928 -- 75 years ago
A proposal to repave 4th Avenue east of 20th Street was dropped by the Rock Island City Council when property owners objected to their tax assessments.

1953 -- 50 years ago
The Rock Island County sheriff's office has been asked to keep a lookout for approximately three miles of copper wire stolen from the U.S. Engineers at the Hennepin Canal feeder in Bureau County. Value of the wire is estimated at $200.

1978 -- 25 years ago
The Department of the Army has awarded a $13 million project order to the Rock Island Arsenal for the production of 187 recoil mechanisms for 155 millimeter Howitzers, U.S. Rep. Tom Railsback, R-Moline, announced Thursday.

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