Day in history for December 3, 2002

1852 -- 150 years ago
Because of difficulties of navigation the past season, many hogsheads of sugar, intended for points above, were left at the Rock Island wharf. N.B. Buford is selling the barrels of sugar at bargain prices.

1877 -- 125 years ago
Never since the blowing of the horn outside the walls of Jericho have the roads been as terribly muddy as now. Our merchants stand wistfully at their windows longing for good roads and a rush of business.

1902 -- 100 years ago
The Royal Rough Riders, comprised of 14 freight agents serving as many railroads, held a banquet in Harms Hotel.

1927 -- 75 years ago
Walt Holmer, former Moline high school athlete, was elected captain of the Northwestern University football team.

1952 -- 50 years ago
A legal battle between Davenport City Lines and the city of Rock Island over operation of Bridge Line buses on the Illinois side shaped up today. A complaint will be filed by Davenport City Lines in federal district court at Peoria seeking an injunction to restrain Rock Island from interfering with operation of the Bridge Line.

1977 -- 25 years ago
Gun-toting hunters soon will be patrolling the streets of East Moline as part of a plan to control the burgeoning number of raccoons within city limits. Professional hunters from East Moline and other outlying communities will register with the police department then stalk the animals with guns and dogs.

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