Day in history for December 11, 2002

1852 -- 150 years ago
A physician speaking to teachers advanced the theory that pure air would be healthful in classrooms. Every effort is made in schools to keep new air out and foul air in; no wonder half the people die before they are 21, the doctor said.

1877 -- 125 years ago
George Henry, Second Avenue grocer, was presented with a gold-headed cane by his friends on his 43rd birthday anniversary.

1902 -- 100 years ago
Anna Moore, daughter of the late Gilpin Moore, was married to Holly Spear, Chicago businessman.

1927 -- 75 years ago
The filling in of the dangerous ravine in Lincoln Park, Rock Island, where seven people have drowned, will be demanded at a meeting of Seventh Ward residents tonight.

1952 -- 50 years ago
Because of the growing population in north Davenport and its predicted further expansion, the city faces an estimated outlay of $3,592,000 for additional sewer facilities within the next half-century. The report also recommended that the present $1-a-year understanding that Davenport has in handling Bettendorf's sewage be changed.

1977 -- 25 years ago
Christmas comes in June and Easter in December at Lusk Fresh Pak Candy Co., Moline. The candy company at 2519 4th Ave. begins packaging Christmas goodies in June to have orders filled by Nov. 1 for the holiday season. In December, Easter baskets are moving off the packing line to be ready when spring rolls around.

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  Today is Saturday, Aug. 30, the 242nd day of 2014. There are 123 days left in the year.

1864 — 150 years ago: A large pair of elk, captured in Iowa, were exhibited in Market Square today.
1889 — 125 years ago: The Rock Island Arsenal dam was being constructed under the supervision of Charles Frances, of Lowell, Mass.
1914 — 100 years ago: Mrs. Frank Mixer, of Rock Island, was the winner of the final preliminary for the women's handicap golf cup at Rock Island arsenal links.
1939 — 75 years ago: Sixteen hundred persons — many from war-fearful Europe — arrived in New York aboard the German liner Bremen. For two days on the trip, passengers were cut off from the world with both incoming and outgoing radio messages banned.
1964 — 50 years ago: Police reported five youths have been involved in the theft of about seven cars in recent weeks. Three of the youths were arrested Saturday afternoon, one was in custody as the result of a previous arrest, and the fifth is expected to be arrested today.
1989 — 25 years ago: The Rock Island/Milan School Board is asking the city to tear down Franklin School and allow the school district to pay back the estimated $100,00 cost during 10 years.

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