Day in history for June 11, 2002

1852 -- 150 years ago
Since the Keokuk packets extended their runs as far as Rock Island and on up to Galena, other steamboats have knocked down their prices. In fact, the old boats will take a passenger for nothing rather than let the new line have any business. Cabin passengers from St. Louis to Galena are being accepted for $1, or even six bits.

1877 -- 125 years ago
The hand-organ man has returned to our streets, playing the same old tune.

1902 -- 100 years ago
Lee D. Hopkins, popular Rock Island baseball player, married Miss Emma E. Schafer.

1927 -- 75 years ago
Major B.C. Dunn, officer in charge of the Rock Island district of the United States engineers, was ordered to duty at Washington, D.C.

1952 -- 50 years ago
Thirty-one persons were arrested in Rock Island County yesterday for speeding. Speeders are being arrested and convicted. The Rock Island County Safety Commission urges you to know the speed limits and obey them. Driving is a privilege, abuse it and lose it!

1977 -- 25 years ago
Richard Holdsworth wouldn't have known a tee from a bogey four years ago when he began building a golf course. After flooding and frost ruined his 1974 crops, he decided to get out of farming. He figured his rolling land, with three ponds, winding creek and large trees would make a perfect golf course. He opened the course on his farm three miles northwest of Rio last summer with six par-three holes.

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