Day in history for March 4, 2002

1852 -- 150 years ago
Quite a spirited revival has been in progress for a week at the Rock Island Methodist Church.

1877 -- 125 years ago
After four ballots, volunteer firemen elected James Johnston as Rock Island fire chief. He is a good young man, but it is regretted by The Argus that Thomas Bollman was not reelected. He was defeated simply because he stopped the rowdyism in the firemen's club houses.

1902 -- 100 years ago
Mrs. A.C. Dart, 60, died in the family residence on 21st Street, Rock Island. The daughter of Dr. Patrick Gregg, she was one of the city's oldest native residents.

1927 -- 75 years ago
E.A. Appelquist was elected president of the Rock Island division of the Mississippi Motor Club.

1952 -- 50 years ago
The fact that his little one-room trailer home was on fire did not perturb Manuel Montecino, who remained in bed while East Moline firemen doused the flames which lapped at his roof shortly before 11 o'clock last night on Campbell's Island.

1977 -- 25 years ago
Those soaring coffee prices, a 3-pound can soon will cost nearly $11 in the Quad-Cities, are no accident according to a secret State Department document revealed by Rep. Benjamin Rosenthal. The New York Democrat, who chairs a House subcommittee investigating coffee prices, said the document proves State, Treasury and Commerce Department officials knew the 1976 International Coffee Agreement would mean higher coffee prices for consumers.

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