Day in history for February 16, 2002

1852 -- 150 years ago
The last survivor of the Boston Tea Party, a bit of violence connected with our Revolutionary War days, died in Chicago. He was David Kinnison and he was 111 years old.

1877 -- 125 years ago
A woman made her appearance on Illinois Street, Rock Island, today driving a spruce rig and about as near dead drunk as anybody can be and sit up. Her drive down our main street ended by her smashing the buggy and landing in jail. This is a sample of what life will be like as soon as women have the full enjoyment of all the rights usurped by that monster, man.

1902 -- 100 years ago
The paper manufacturing plant at Rock River, south of Rock Island, will be sold. The plant has been operated by the Columbia Straw Paper Company.

1927 -- 75 years ago
Thirty-six persons have enrolled for a course in recreation leadership. The class is conducted by Mel H. Hodge.

1952 -- 50 years ago
Cal Heitman, 3625 15th Ave. Ct., Moline, formerly of Rock Island, who took part in the invasion of Okinawa while in the Navy during the Second World War, was shown in the Crusade in Pacific film on WHBF-TV last night. Heitman was pictured sitting with earphones at his station by an anti-aircraft gun.

1977 -- 25 years ago
Ken Irwin won $10,000 for suggesting a way to reduce part of Deere And Co.'s heating bill. Irwin, of Muscatine, suggested modifying the heat system at Deere's Plow And Planter Works, Moline, to cut down waste.

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