Day in history for September 19, 2001

1876 -- 125 years ago
Today was the first day of business in the new quarters of the First National Bank, downtown Rock Island.

1901 -- 100 years ago
Enrollment in the Rock Island schools for the first week of the present school year, as compared with that of the corresponding week last year, indicated an increase to the city of about 300 families.

1926 -- 75 years ago
Appointments of committee chairmen to handle detailed work for the membership campaign of the Rock Island Civic Music Association were announced.

1951 -- 50 years ago
A plea for citizens of different nations to learn more about one another so that there might be better understanding between the people of the world was made to Moline Rotarians by Miss Neil Muldur of Istanbul, Turkey. Miss Muldar is a senior at Moline High School. She is here to complete her last two years of high school under sponsorship of the Junior Women's Club of Moline.

1976 -- 25 years ago
A check of carbon monoxide levels at several Quad-Cities intersections has given East Moline officials another argument to use in their attempt to speed construction of a railroad overpass in that city. Carbon monoxide concentrations of 12.4 parts per million (ppm), well over the federal standard of 9 ppm, were the average for one eight-hour period at the intersection of East Moline's 19th Street and Silvis' 1st Avenue.

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