Day in history for August 6, 2001

1876 -- 125 years ago
A train of 19 cars, loaded with cattle, ran from Omaha to Chicago in 22 hours and 40 minutes, faster than passenger time.

1901 -- 100 years ago
Brigadier General A.R. Buffington, chief of ordnance of the United States Army, is here on official visit of inspection at the Rock Island Arsenal.

1926 -- 75 years ago
Removal of the Rock Island Chamber of Commerce offices to a suite in the Fort Armstrong Hotel was completed.

1951 -- 50 years ago
What was reported to Moline police yesterday as a dice game turned out to be merely a game of jacks. A woman called police saying that she saw a dice game in progress in a house on 5th Avenue. Detective Sergeant Ivar Anderson investigated. When he peered through the open door of the house, he found four adults and their three children bouncing a rubber ball and playing jacks.

1976 -- 25 years ago
An explosion and fire at Sunset Marina abruptly ended a Davenport couple's cruise on their newly remodeled houseboat. They stopped for gas at Sunset Marina, and, while they were looking at another boat, the gas attendant allowed their fuel tank to overflow. They sopped up as much gas as they could and then waited a half hour. When John Wise hit the ignition, the vessel exploded. He, his wife, his son and a friend jumped from the boat to the dock and ran to escape the flames. Gas vapors trapped in the bilge of the boat exploded when the ignition sparked.

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