Day in history for August 22, 2001

1876 -- 125 years ago
The Dubuque took on board 120 plows from Deere And Co. and one car of freight from the Peoria Road for up the river.

1901 -- 100 years ago
A 16-inch main used in supplying the reservoir burst at 22nd St. and 3rd Ave., Rock Island.

1926 -- 75 years ago
The Rock Island Community Chest Council approved the recommendation for the budget and campaign groups of the 1926 drive.

1951 -- 50 years ago
Rock Island children who have had a tendency to thumb rides to and from school in the past will do well to resort to walking or taking a bus when schools open next month. Attention to the state law which forbids pedestrians soliciting rides has been called to both the police department and Earl H. Hanson, superintendent of Rock Island schools, by the city council. The law states that ``no person shall stand in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride from the driver of a motor vehicle.''

1976 -- 25 years ago
Federal law cost the Quad-City Airport $45,500 to relocate 15 families displaced for airport expansion for the past five years. The payment is computed by a formula dictated by federal law for all governmental bodies which displace families while buying property. The payments total nearly 10 percent of the $511,430 worth of land the airport purchased the past five years to meet new federal runway setback standards and expansion needs.

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