Day in history for August 20, 2001

1876 -- 125 years ago
Street Commissioner Maucker is doing a good job around Bengston's block, and no block in Rock Island better deserves good gutters and clean streets than that.

1901 -- 100 years ago
Superintendent H.H. Button is pushing operations on the Illinois Theater at a rate that insures the completion of the building at a day not too far distant from the specified time, Oct. 15.

1926 -- 75 years ago
Plans for the development of a 122 acre tract of land on 38th St., Rock Island, as a public golf course and outdoor recreation center were made known.

1951 -- 50 years ago
The J.I. Case Co. plant in Rock Island has been awarded a $5,000,000 contract to finish aircraft engine crankshafts for the Air Force. The contract was awarded to Case by the Nash-Kelvinator division of the Nash Motor Company, which manufactures Pratt-Whitney engines for the Air Force. The motors are used in pursuit planes and fast bombers.

1976 -- 25 years ago
Jim Dahl was doing his chores in a pasture near his home, four miles south of Osco, when he noticed something was different at the bottom of one hill. What Dahl discovered was a hole in the pasture. A 30x40-foot hole that was 12 feet deep in places. It was filled with ice-cold water, and the surface was coated with about two inches of slime. A conservationist who visited the hole was at a loss to explain how the hole got there.

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