Day in history for December 17, 2000

1875 -- 125 years ago
The Moline Plow Co., as one of the large industries of this city, employs 150 men who are heads of families, 50 who are single, and employs 25 boys, in all 225. The payroll amounts to between $11,000 and $12,000 per month. Who says the mechanics of Moline are not well paid?

1900 -- 100 years ago
The Rock Island ambulance answered five calls in one day, a record day of business.

1925 -- 75 years ago
Allouez Council, No. 658, Knights of Columbus, will re-establish Boy Scout troops in four Catholic parishes in Rock Island.

1950 -- 50 years ago
A.L. Paustian, 1323 Grant St., Bettendorf, was reported in fairly good condition today at his home after having incurred a severe gash in his left arm Saturday while cutting the base of a Christmas tree to fit into a stand. He was using a knife to cut off a twig and the knife slipped. Eighteen stitches were taken to close the gash.

1975 -- 25 years ago
Moline aldermen have opened access to one of the city's newest parks by approving purchase of the bargain basement priced Sylvan Island bridge. Aldermen gave Mayor Earl L. Wendt authority to sign an Army agreement transferring the bridge to the city for $1. The old steel bridge is closed to vehicular traffic because of its dilapidated condition and only pedestrians and bicyclists now use the structure.

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