Day in history for September 11, 2000

1875 -- 125 years ago
W.H. Atwood of Galva, a graduate of the Union Law School, has opened an office near the quarters of Justice Pinkley in Rock Island.

1900 -- 100 years ago
Primary rooms in four of Rock Island's public schools were so crowded a new room was opened at Lincoln School.

1925 -- 75 years ago
Paul Munson was elected president of the sophomore class at Augustana College.

1950 -- 50 years ago
WHBF started moving today from the Safety Building to new studios and offices on the second and third floors of the Telco Building at 18th Street and 3rd Avenue, Rock Island. The Telco Building adjoins the 485-foot WHBF-TV tower. The first radio broadcast from the new quarters came over the air at 6 o'clock this morning. Leslie C. Johnson, general manager of WHBF, said that ``general moving of the entire staff and equipment started today and is expected to be completed within a week or 10 days.''

1975 -- 25 years ago
Seeing double is an every day thing for pupils in Mrs. Suzanne Singley's kindergarten class at McKinley School, Moline. Identical twins Julie and Kim Lear and Kenneth and Keith Hall are inseparable, even on trips to the restroom, the teacher said. Name tags, attached by the parents, help classmates determine who is who. If they switch tags, no one is the wiser.

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