Day in history for July 16, 2000

1875 -- 125 years ago
A rustic couple, aged 61 and 52, walked from Port Byron to Rock Island on Saturday, got married, and walked home again. This is slightly different from modern weddings, but just as satisfactory, no doubt, and a good deal less expensive.

1900 -- 100 years ago
The Tri-City Railway Company's bridge across Sylvan water at 42nd Street, Rock Island, was practically completed and ready for track and wire.

1925 -- 75 years ago
Mrs. Cora L. Eastman resigned as assistant principal of Rock Island High School.

1950 -- 50 years ago
Rock Island Arsenal has started to hire Second World War employees in a general force expansion program, Colonel Walter W. Warner, commandant, said today. The officer also said that ``certain departments'' of the military post ``are on an accelerated overtime schedule and will continue to operate that way to keep up with supply demands.'' The Arsenal force now totals an estimated 3,500. During the Second World War, the post's employes reached a total of about 18,000.

1975 -- 25 years ago
Blackbirds were making a nuisance of themselves in Silvis, but police said a report of birds swooping down and pecking at the heads of children apparently was an isolated incident. Charles D. Cruz Jr. reported to police that shortly after 5 p.m., the birds swooped at his children while they were walking to a nearby gas station.

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