Day in history for May 21, 2000

1875 -- 125 years ago
Miss Helen Davis of Moline would have been killed by A.W. Hastie, her rejected suitor, had it not been for her hair. The young man shot at her, but the bullet struck a heavy bunch of hair on the back of her head and lodged there. This hasty youth had no back hair to speak of, and when he shot at his own head, the ball accomplished its fatal mission and another fool was dead.

1900 -- 100 years ago
Captain A.M. Beardsley announced he will finance the construction of a modern building on the 60-foot lot west of the Rock Island Y.M.C.A.

1925 -- 75 years ago
Ralph Sheese of Aledo won the mile run at the 31st interscholastic track and field meet at the University of Illinois.

1950 -- 50 years ago
Police today were looking for vandals who reportedly pulled up more than 50 hedge plants at the S.A. Jacobsen residence, 3830 18th Ave., Rock Island, last night. Mr. Jacobsen said the plants were pulled up and thrown about the premises.

1975 -- 25 years ago
There's nothing much unusual about attending a recital where the soloist plays 3 instruments, until you realize that the soloist is a 13-year-old musician who has been playing for 7 years. Andrew Bruck, Rock Island, will present a recital at Augustana. The 8th-grade student at Washington Junior High will play selections on flute, piano and violin.

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