Chuckles for February 2009

February 02
Q. Why was the musician arrested?
A. Because he got in treble!

February 05
Q. Where do horses live?
A. In neigh-borhoods!

February 09
Q. Why can't a bicycle stand up?
A. Because it's too tired!

February 16
Q. What month do trees dislike?
A. Sep-timher!

February 20
Q. What's a cow's favorite school activity?
A. Moo-sic!

February 23
Q. What do you call a flying policeman?
A. A helicopper!

February 26
Q. What do planets read?
A. Comet books!

February 27
Q. Why was the musician arrested?
A. Because he got in treble!

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Local events heading

  Today is Monday, Sept. 15, the 258th day of 2014. There are 107 days left in the year.

1864 — 150 years ago: The Rock River Illinois conference of the Methodist Church will hold its annual sessions this week in this city. About 200 ministers are expected to attend.
1889 — 125 years ago: The Brush electric company had prepared a new schedule of rates to become effective Oct. 1, with slightly increased rates to consumers.
1914 — 100 years ago: The Rock Island Aerie of Eagles made plans for the laying of the cornerstone of a new $50,000 Eagles Home. W.C. Maucker is to be master of ceremonies.
1939 — 75 years ago: Col. Charles A. Lindbergh spoke on "America and Foreign War" in a neutrality debate over nation wide radio hook-up.
1964 — 50 years ago: Two awards of the National Safety council were presented to the city of Rock Island today at noon at a meeting held in the YWCA.
1989 — 25 years ago: The final tallies are not yet in for the summer 1989 Quad-Cities tourism season, but officials are expecting the number of visitors to the area to be at least as good as, if not better than, 1988.

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