Chuckles for September 2008

September 02
Q.Where did the seaweed find a job?
A. In the "Kelp Wanted" section!

September 05
Q.What did one volcano say to the other volcano?
A. I lava you!

September 08
Q.What is a frog's favorite soda??
A. Croak-a Cola!

September 11
Q.What is a vampire's favorite holiday??
A. Fangs-giving!

September 15
Q.What book has hairs?
A. A diction-hairy!

September 18
Q.What does a ghost wash its head with?
A. Shamboo!

September 23
Q.What is a wolf's favorite holiday?
A. Howl-oween!

September 25
Q.What kind of garden does a baker have?
A. A flour garden!

September 29
Q.What do you call a snail on a boat?
A. A snailor!

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