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Q: There is a house overlooking River Drive in Davenport that has a large black gorilla statue in the yard. Do you know the significance of this?

A: The gorilla is but the most noticeable member of a concrete menagerie spread around the house, built in 1912 by lumber baron John J. Reimers and now owned by Toofe Rizk.

There's a pair of painted sphinxes on the non-river side, as well as deer, gargoyles and assorted other creatures. Mr. Rizk told reporters in 2001 when he added the gorilla -- whose name, incidentally, is Hector -- that he was working on a `Safari Park' theme for the 4.5-acre estate.

If you happen to be interested, there's an ``Estate for sale" sign up on the property. The price isn't listed but it's reported to be $2.2 million. No word on whether the menagerie is included.

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