Originally Posted Online: Oct. 05, 2011, 4:46 pm
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Think Like The Boss

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Bob Lankard - CTW Features

To gain a new perspective on what to expect in a job interview, turn the table. What do consultants tell employers to ask their candidates? A jobseeker can use that advice to his or her advantage. Here’s a start:

Ask for five references. Employers are being advised to request five rather than three references. Often, they want one from every job. You should be prepared if they do with both job and personal references. If you have ever experienced a personality conflict with a supervisor, find another manager who will give a more positive account of your time with that company.

Be aggressive in learning attitudes about previous job separation. I found it interesting that an interviewer is likely to hone in on the jobseeker’s attitude more than the event itself. Companies are less interested in details of a personality conflict than how you might deal with a similar incident. This is more reason for applicants to get the anguish out of their systems, so they can discuss the situation objectively during the interview.

Ask more character questions. This is hard for some. It is easier to tell the employer you have a commercial driver’s license than it is to give evidence that you are dependable. The key is to practice answering this type of question in mock interviews.