Letter: To fix Hope Creek, RICO problems, vote Republican

Posted Online: April 24, 2014, 11:00 pm
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The Rock Island County Board voted 22-1 to put a referendum on the November ballot asking for a tax increase to bail out Hope Creek Care Center

One board member said, "We have done our job, we are giving the voters a chance to vote on it." Earlier this year, board member Drue Mielke offered the opportunity to give voters a chance to vote with a non-binding question on the April ballot, and the committee shot it down like he was the enemy.

It seems to me that, if they had been good stewards of county funds and didn't spend more than they took in, we wouldn't be in this situation. That's what the rest of us do.

They presented a flurry of numbers and assumptions, identified as a five-year projection, to substantiate a proposed tax increase referred to as "only 13 cents a day." The increase would generate $12 million-$15 million over the next four years. It would then "sunset!" If you feel good about that, check your state income tax that is supposed to sunset this year.

A board member was asked, "So it looks like even if this tax is implemented by 2019, after several million dollars of additional taxes, Hope Creek will be in the same financial position it is now."

The moderator replied, "Yes."

The board has not done its job. The very best thing voters can do this November is cast their vote to end the over 40 years of one-party rule which has gotten us into this situation. Vote for Republican replacements. Give them an opportunity to show what they can do.

Bill Long,
Rock Island


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