Letter: Taxing policy via Springfield's leading Chester Whites

Posted Online: April 23, 2014, 11:00 pm
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The leading Springfield Chester Whites now are in the process of reneging on their solemn promise to let the 5 percent income tax rate expire as decreed by law. The Democratics want a new "fair" tax which is the same tax introduced by their hero Karl Marx; a good communist.

This is a simple redistribution scheme for them to buy more votes. They prefer to call this a progressive tax which is supposed to tax the "rich," most of whom have moved out of Illinois.

This exodus has been going on for 10 years and the main reason is Illinois has 7,000 taxing bodies grabbing at our money we work for. No other state has such a burden.

Recently Dr. Dave Markward brought up charter schools versus the government education centers. He mentioned that there is a lack of evidence for anyone to support charter schools as being better or as good as any government education center. It would seem that a school teaching the Three Rs would be superior to an education center instructing the children in a feel-good philosophy.

He omitted the little matter of the government education centers, along with the teacher unions, fighting tooth and nail to keep charter schools from ever becoming accepted. If they have changed their minds let the competition, on even footing, begin. That will settle everything.

Robert Koehler,


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