Mercer County Sheriff Republican Candidates

Originally Posted Online: March 09, 2014, 11:00 pm
Last Updated: March 11, 2014, 12:43 pm
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By Chris

Honesty, integrity and pure leadership is what I will be bring to the Mercer County Sheriff's Department once elected as the next county sheriff.
I have a deep passion for social justice and an extensive knowledge base about what it takes to serve a community as a leader.

As a retired Marine Corps officer of 22 years and a highly decorated combat veteran, I have learned what it takes to protect the value of social justice and the needs of a growing community. I have been faced with many different challenges in the Department of Defense and have been celebrated for my expertise in the field of social justice and defense.

An ideal community involves a working public-defense system where the individuals given the positions of authority are trusted and respected. An ideal community is one that is circled around a group of leaders which the community members can depend on for safety and fairness. This is the way I envision my position as sheriff.

My current positions as the chief of police of Joy and mayor of New Boston have given me the experience needed to keep a tight budget and to accomplish any mission or task with any type of budget restraints.

I am excited at the opportunity to become a significant figure in Mercer County because I know and have plans for the community to be surrounded by an authority system they can trust to be fair, unbiased and dependable. I will maintain a high level of trust that the community can depend on and be proud of. I hope to get your support in the upcoming election.

Top Priorities:

-- Build the morale back up within the department, because without morale you will never have mission accomplishment, and mission accomplishment and morale to me are the most important.

-- Operate the department to its fullest capabilities with the budget given by the board.

-- Get the trust and confidence of the citizens of this county that the Mercer County Sheriff's Department will protect and serve the citizens of this county at all cost.

Name: Chris "Cricket" DeFrieze

Hometown: New Boston

Occupation: Joy Police chief

Political experience: Mayor of New Boston

Other: Decorated Marine Corps combat veteran with experience running a jail as an executive officer of a prison.


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