Aledo residents will vote on mayor, treasurer, trustees

Posted Online: April 04, 2013, 11:51 pm
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Economic development and maintaining infrastructure top the list of concerns for Aledo's mayoral candidates. Both are familiar with the city's issues and have experience on the council.

Democratic candidate C. William "Red" Stancliff previously has served three terms as an alderman in addition to serving three terms as mayor.

Citizen's Party candidate Chris Hagloch has served as Ward 1 Alderman for 6 years.

Citizen's Party candidate Jarod Dale is running unopposed for the city clerk's position. Mr. Dale has held the office since 2009.

Also running unopposed are Citizen Party candidates for aldermen, Ila Bertrand in Ward 1 and Barry Cooper in Ward 3.

In Ward 2, Citizen's Party candidate Tom Watkins faces off with Democratic candidate Robert Maynard and in Ward 4 Citizen's Party candidate Delayne Holmes is opposing incumbent Democrat Terry Bewley.

In the city treasurer's race Citizen's Party candidate Sandy Bull is facing off against incumbent Democrat Bill Stropes.

Aledo Mayor candidates

NAME: C. William Stancliff
FAMILY: Married. Four children and ten grandchildren.
EDUCATION: Graduated from Peoria College
PRIOR OFFICES: Alderman and Mayor of Aledo
WHY RUNNING: I previously enjoyed the job and have the time to do it.
KEY ISSUE: Keeping utility rates down and encouraging new businesses downtown.

NAME: Chris Hagloch
AGE: 45
OCCUPATION: Blick & Blick Oil salesman
FAMILY: Wife Dennise and son Cody
EDUCATION: Graduate of Aledo High School
PRIOR OFFICE: Ward 1 Alderman for 6 years
WHY RUNNING: I believe in what Aledo as a community and the council is doing, and would like to see it continue.
KEY ISSUE: There are a few things the city needs to continue to work on. Our streets are always in need of repair somewhere. I would like to see more sidewalks to destinations, like from downtown to the Hospital, the schools, and if it is feasible, to Wal-Mart. We need to continue to work on inviting business to our community.
COMMENTS: As a council we always need to do what is best for the people of Aledo.

Aledo City Treasurer candidates

NAME: Sandy Bull
AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: Over 35 years of banking experience
FAMILY: Married to Larry. Three children and 5 grandchildren
EDUCATION: High school diploma and Certificate from AIC in accounting
OFFICE SOUGHT: Aledo City Treasurer
WHY RUNNING: I am experienced in finance and community service. I serve on the YMCA and Foundation for Health boards. I served as Aledo Main Street treasurer.
KEY ISSUE: The treasurer is responsible for all monies and transactions of city business. My extensive background in banking and as treasurer in various organizations makes me highly qualified. I am honest, accountable, and believe in transparency. I pledge to uphold the duties of the office.
COMMENTS: I am committed to my community and have significant qualifications to serve the citizens of Aledo as city treasurer.

William "Bill" Stropes, the Democrat candidate, did not return a questionnaire.

Aledo Alderman Ward 2 candidates

NAME: Dr. Thomas S. Watkins
AGE: 66
ADDRESS: 1004 S. College Ave
OCCUPATION: Retired educator
FAMILY: Wife, Nancy, Deborah, married daughter with two sons; Samuel, married son with one daughter
EDUCATION: BA from Monmouth College, MS from Western Illinois University, PhD from Illinois State University
POLITICAL PARTY: I am a conservative, running under the Citizen's Party
OFFICE SOUGHT: Alderman for the 2nd Ward
WHY RUNNING: People whom I respect asked me to consider running for this position.
KEY ISSUES: I have no key issues; as a conservative, I agree that the best government is the least government. Aledo is a very friendly, nice community, and I will do what I can to ensure that it continues to grow while offering its citizens a safe environment.

NAME: Robert Maynard
AGE: 49
OCCUPATION: Insurance agent – real estate broker
FAMILY: Wife Becky 49, Children Ryan, Bryce, & Haley Ages 30, 22, 21
EDUCATION: Graduate Aledo High School 1981 – Monmouth College 1986 - BA
OFFICE SOUGHT: Ward 2 Alderman City of Aledo
WHY RUNNING: A concern that there is not enough interest in the core operation of the City of Aledo
KEY ISSUE: I believe it is important to keep the City of Aledo clean and safe. However, that is where it ends. I don't believe in Tax Increment Funding. I don't believe the community should be asked to participate in any type of private business funding. I believe any taxing body should be a streamlined operation. The best thing that can be done for a community is to reduce it's cost of operations and by doing so reduce its residents' cost of living.

Aledo Alderman Ward 4 candidates

NAME: Delane Holmes
AGE: 46
ADDRESS: 509 W Main St, Aledo, Il
OCCUPATION: Field Service Technician
FAMILY: Wife, Misty; daughter, Teague; and son, Payton
EDUCATION: graduate of Aledo High School and Hamilton Technical College
OFFICE SOUGHT: Alderman for City of Aledo / 4th Ward
WHY RUNNING: I see this as an opportunity to give back to the community and help ensure the future success of The City of Aledo.
KEY ISSUE: I feel it is key to make good business decisions that enhance the community and that reflect the wishes of the residents of Aledo.
COMMENTS: I am looking forward to serving the residents of Aledo and doing all I can to make this an outstanding place to live.ce to live.

Terry Bewley, the Democrat candidate, did not return a questionnaire.


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