South Moline Township voters to decide 4 contested races

Originally Posted Online: April 03, 2013, 11:41 pm
Last Updated: April 04, 2013, 12:01 am
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Voters in South Moline Township will have several choices to make on Tuesday, with contested races for township supervisor, clerk, road commissioner and township board.

Running for South Moline Township supervisor are Democrat Connie Mohr-Wright and Republican Tracy A. Best.

Running for township clerk are Democrat Robert Vyncke and Republican Brian Forsberg.

Seeking the road commissioner position are Democrat Mike Malmstrom and Republican Bob Schultz.

Seven people are vying for four seats on the township board. They are Republicans Andrea Anderson, Lisa Griffin, Kim Lazenby and Joe Taylor and Democrats Dawn Delaere-Daugherty, John Tufts and Paul Meier.

All returned candidates questionnaires to The Dispatch/Argus except Mr. Tufts and Ms. Anderson.

Meet the candidates

NAME: Paul Meier
AGE: 63
ADDRESS: East Moline
OCCUPATION: Retired school counselor
FAMILY: Wife Linda, daughters Erin and Leah
EDUCATION: Graduate UTHS; bachelor's degree in education, Illinois State; master's degree in education, Northern Illinois.
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township trustee
WHY RUNNING: I am a strong believer in the importance of local government and public service. I would be honored to serve the citizens of South Moline Township as a trustee.

Name: Joe Taylor   
Age: 33
Address:  Moline
Occupation: Self-employed
Family: Wife Karla; children, Thomas, 6, and Amelia, 3
Education: BA in Political Science, University of Iowa, 2003
Political Party: Republican
Office Sought: South Moline Township trustee
Why Running: I have a strong belief in civic participation and feel that it is a time in my life I can actively participate and make a difference.
Key Issue: Strong financial discipline as well as an open and transparent government is one of the most important things that elected officials can provide. This is necessary for any government but especially a township government since it is the closest form of government to the people.
Comments: If elected, I would strongly oppose any new taxation. We have a tax levy that can be and should be reduced. If the township is to run effectively, it must be organized and able to function within its current tax levy or below. I will not vote for a budget that has even a penny in increased spending or added tax revenue.

NAME: Dawn DeLaere Daugherty
AGE: 56
ADDRESS: East Moline
OCCUPATION: Patient financial services business analyst for Genesis Health System
FAMILY: Husband Jerry, children Jarrett and Alison, two grandsons
EDUCATION: Graduated UTHS; Black Hawk College
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township trustee
WHY RUNNING: I have been active in many organizations and believe my experience and leadership skills would be beneficial to the people of South Moline Township.
KEY ISSUE: Keep key township services available for residents. To work on informing more people in the township of the services available, i.e. free computer classes.
COMMENTS: I look forward to working for the people in South Moline Township and would greatly appreciate their vote on April 9.

NAME: Tracy A. Best
AGE: 55
OCCUPATION: Employee of Moline school district
FAMILY: Wife Cathy, sons Tyler, Ryan and Christopher
EDUCATION: Moline High School; Black Hawk College
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline supervisor
PRIOR OFFICES: Road commissioner for 16 years
WHY RUNNING: My opponent wants to spend over $1 million for a new senior center building that is neither needed nor wanted, based on the seniors I have talked with.
KEY ISSUE: I would use the over $1 million currently proposed by my opponent for a senior center building to lower taxes for all homeowners in South Moline Township. I would use some of those savings to improve services at the existing senior center and to expand opportunities for our youth.

NAME: Lisa Griffin
OCCUPATION: Computer lab manager at Moline High School
FAMILY: Husband Steve, son Mike (Tatum) Griffin and grandsons Nolan and Calvin, daughter Katie (Griffin) and Jason Trent and grandson Christopher Griffin.
EDUCATION: Black Hawk College
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township trustee
PRIOR OFFICE: Township trustee from 2005 to 2009
WHY RUNNING: To better the communication with the residents of SMT.
KEY ISSUE: I think there needs to be more information available to the public with how funds (tax dollars) are being spent. In this day of web access, salaries, budget and tax spending can easily be attained. People often ask me what a township does for the people. Let's get  that information out there.

NAME: Michael W. Malmstrom
AGE: 59
ADDRESS: Moline 
FAMILY: Wife Sheila, five children, five grandchildren
EDUCATION: High school
POLITICAL: Congressional staff for former Rep. Lane Evans, precinct committeeman
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township road commissioner
WHY RUNNING: Because I've lived on these roads for 35 years, I know I can bring these roads up to shape.
KEY ISSUE: Bring the roads up to shape. Keep roadside trimmed and clean. Improve winter services on these roads. I'm familiar with budgeting and how to follow a budget. I'm knowledgeable of equipment and its upkeep -- the need to keep roads in good condition for fire, police and ambulance use.
COMMENTS: I feel I can serve the citizens of South Moline Township as their road commissioner because I'm a firm believer in community service.

NAME: Robert C. Vyncke
AGE: 56
ADDRESS: East Moline
FAMILY: Son Nick, daughter Alissa
OCCUPATION: General manager Illowa Enterprises Inc. (petroleum equipment sales service installation)
EDUCATION: Graduated UTHS; Illinois State University
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township clerk
PRIOR OFFICE: South Moline Township clerk
WHY RUNNING: I am proud to serve as South Moline Township clerk and am running for re-election to further develop the cost-savings and technical advancements we have instituted this term.
KEY ISSUE: The key issue in this election is controlling costs and expenditures while still providing excellent services to our residents. Under the current Democratic leadership, we have made tremendous advancements in computerizing township business. Many of these actions have resulted in saving time and money.  For example, the new accounting system has decreased the cost of the annual audit.
COMMENTS: I know that with my experience the last four years as clerk, and my 33 years as a general manager in the private sector, I am a very well-qualified candidate. I have extensive knowledge working with budgets and analyzing and estimating project costs. I would like the residents of South Moline Township to know they can count on me to work hard for them. I need their vote on April 9 so that I can continue to serve as their clerk. I would be honored to do so.

NAME: Bob Schultz
AGE: 38
OCCUPATION: Maintenance tech for East Moline School District No. 37
FAMILY:  Wife Jody (Freymann); three children Mitchell, Elizabeth and Zackary
EDUCATION: Graduated from Moline High School 1993; trade school for boilers; currently licensed for asbestos abatement in the state of Illinois and a Moline heating license
OFFICE SOUGHT: Road commissioner
WHY RUNNING: To ensure that our roads, drainage ditches and culverts are maintained to the highest standard with a focus on managing the budget.
KEY ISSUE: Taxes. While the road and bridge tax levy has remained below what it was 16 years ago when the current retiring road commissioner took office. The town fund has amassed a huge surplus of funds. Increasing necessary services while keeping taxes stagnant or below the current rate is my top priority.
COMMENTS:  I will continue the road maintenance that’s already under way and start the resurfacing of our heavily traveled roads. I will pursue the allocation of surplus town funds to help cover critical road and bridge projects. My plan requires no additional taxes to our residents but allows us to strategically utilize taxpayer dollars already collected.

NAME: Brian Forsberg
AGE: 57
OCCUPATION: Business analyst, John Deere & Co.
FAMILY:  Wife Shelly (married 31 years); daughters Brooke and Jenna
EDUCATION: Graduated Moline High School and Eastern Illinois University (BS in Management)
OFFICE SOUGHT: Clerk, South Moline Township
PRIOR OFFICE: Trustee for South Moline Township for 14 years.
WHY RUNNING: Township government is a rewarding experience, being able to serve youth, seniors and also those within the township who need assistance the most.
KEY ISSUE: I would like to see township information become more readily accessible. For those persons who use the Internet, township meeting information should be readily available to them.  For persons who do not use the Internet for media, should be able to sign up for mailings as their means of information. Persons today want easy access to information.
COMMENTS: I have 14 years experience of being on the township board of trustees and over the past years have been committed to serving the residents of South Moline Township.

NAME: Connie Mohr-Wright
AGE: 69
OCCUPATION: South Moline Township supervisor
FAMILY: Sons Patrick and David Mohr; four grandchildren
EDUCATION: Alleman High School; some classes at Black Hawk and St. Ambrose
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township supervisor
PRIOR OFFICES: Township clerk and trustee, Rock Island County Board member
WHY RUNNING: I am running to keep improving services that the township offers and to possibly build a new senior center. Neighbor helping neighbor without raising taxes.
KEY ISSUE: Services without raising taxes

NAME: Kim (Schreiner) Lazenby
AGE: Not listed
OCCUPATION: Retired from the University of Illinois
FAMILY: Husband Bob Lazenby; two grown sons
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in education from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
OFFICE SOUGHT: South Moline Township trustee
PRIOR OFFICE: Current precinct committee person for South Moline 13
WHY RUNNING: I’ll provide sensible planning for the future with efficient tax usage and serve our community by improving communication with residents and providing everyone a voice.
KEY ISSUE: As an elected representative I’ll be a responsible and conscientious trustee providing effective and efficient leadership, planning and organizational skills. Fostering active communication and listening to residents is vital. Providing needed resources and services to South Moline Township residents, quality programs and volunteer opportunities are keys to improving our township.
COMMENTS: I‘m a native of East Moline and resident of South Moline Township for over 30 years. I graduated from UTHS, Black Hawk College, Western Illinois University and the University of Illinois with a Master’s of Education. My work history includes the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where I worked for nearly 20 years. The experience and abilities I bring to South Moline Township include management, planning, project management, budgets, personnel, staff training and development, research, developing programs and problem solving.


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