Meet Carbon Cliff mayor, trustee candidates

Originally Posted Online: April 02, 2013, 9:51 pm
Last Updated: April 02, 2013, 10:00 pm
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Carbon Cliff mayor candidates

NAME: Jason Collins
AGE: 36
ADDRESS: Carbon Cliff
OCCUPATION: Contractor
FAMILY: Wife; Lynelle, daughters, Brooke, 17, and Brianna, 7
EDUCATION: Attended Apollo/Aldrin K-8, graduate of United Township, attended Black Hawk College, University of Phoenix, finishing up with associate degree in criminal justice
OFFICE SOUGHT: Village president
PRIOR OFFICE(S): First time seeking an elected seat
WHY RUNNING: I feel the village has become stagnant. The board has not progressed over the years as far as new ideas. We need a younger perspective that will lead us in the direction of progress, and the future of our children.
KEY ISSUE:Carbon Cliff needs to expand. We need to offer incentives for new growth. The "Green Street projects" need to continue, as the conditions of our roads are in dire needs of replacement. I would also like to see a couple bus stops installed for people who depend on Metro Link Bus services for transportation.
COMMENTS: I have been a resident for 35 years and during this time not much has changed. I ask on April 9th you vote for me. It's time that we prosper into the 21st century.

NAME: Angela L. Fauser
AGE: 37
ADDRESS: Carbon Cliff
OCCUPATION: Student at Western Illinois University
FAMILY: Husband, Tony, three children
EDUCATION: Graduated from United Township High School and Black Hawk College
OFFICE SOUGHT: Carbon Cliff village president
PRIOR OFFICE: Tax increment financing board commissioner
WHY RUNNING: I will make communicating with constituents a high priority and use the office of village board president to assist residents of Carbon Cliff.
KEY ISSUE: Appointing a poverty task force would be my first order of business. We have an overwhelming amount of people in our municipality living in poverty. I feel a poverty task force is essential in bringing this community together by helping to determine what needs should be met and how to meet them.
COMMENTS: Keep up on election information by visiting my blog at

NAME: Ken Williams
AGE: 57
ADDRESS: Carbon Cliff
OCCUPATION: Retired, United States Postal Service
FAMILY: 2 sons, 1 daughter, 3 foster sons, 17 grandchildren
EDUCATION: UTHS, A.A. Black Hawk College, B.S. Northern Illinois University
OFFICE SOUGHT: Village president, Carbon Cliff, 28 years.
PRIOR OFFICES: Village Trustee, 3 years; Carbon Cliff-Barstow Board of Education, 10 years; Black Hawk Area Special Education District Governing Board, 6 years.
WHY RUNNING: I'm a lifelong resident with a strong sense of community, and a desire to give back.
KEY ISSUE:Drainage is the key issue. Over the past few years the village has implemented a drainage program that has included bank stabilization of the Argillo Creek and its tributaries, implementation of Green Streets Phase I and II, and dredging and rehabilitation of the park pond. We need to continue the drainage program and implement and finish Green Streets Phase III.
COMMENTS: The Village needs to continually monitor its finances, and to plan for future projects wisely. We need to prioritize road projects in all areas of the village, and continually strive to make necessary improvements to the water and sewer systems as recommended. The Village is currently conducting a well study for future improvements and expansion, and has just completed a water main extension/connection with the City of Silvis.

Carbon Cliff trustee candidates

NAME: Vernon Delles
AGE: 69
ADDRESS: Rural East Moline
FAMILY: None listed
EDUCATION: High school
OFFICE SOUGHT: Carbon Cliff village trustee
KEY ISSUE: I think the village needs a change. The trustees need to get out and meet the people more often than they do, so people know who they are. The streets need more repairs and the village needs to find out what the people want the village to do to make it a better place to live and we need better police protection than we have.

NAME: Leevon Harris
AGE: 46
ADDRESS:Carbon Cliff
OCCUPATION:Development & Outreach Specialist
FAMILY:Two sons
EDUCATION: Graduate UTHS, A.A. Degree, Black Hawk College
OFFICE SOUGHT: Carbon Cliff Village Trustee, two-year term
PRIOR OFFICE: Carbon Cliff Barstow Board of Education, two years
WHY RUNNING: I want to give back, and be an active member of the Carbon Cliff community. I'm proud of the improvements the community has made in the past five years, and I want to ensure that the Village continues to make improvements to its infrastructure such as streets, and the utility systems.
KEY ISSUE: Completion of the village's permeable paver streets project. This project has made great improvements to the downtown drainage issues, and has greatly improved the curb appeal of the downtown area.
COMMENTS: I want to work with the newly elected trustees, and the residents to continue to improve the village, to keep the budgets balanced, and the taxes reasonable.

NAME: Mike Bragg
AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: Retired from John Deere NA-PDC
FAMILY: Wife Pam, 3 children, 32, 31, and 28, and 4 grandchildren, ages 3-7
EDUCATION: 1973 graduate of United Township High School
OFFICE SOUGHT: Village of Carbon Cliff trustee
PRIOR OFFICE: 17-year member of the Board of Education of Carbon Cliff-Barstow School District
WHY RUNNING: This is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community I have lived in for over 30 years.
KEY ISSUE: I believe that as a village we need to do what is necessary to not just maintain where we are, but work diligently to improve. We need to be aware that everyone is a shareholder in our future. To do this we need to engage in open and honest communications.
COMMENTS: Being a trustee would be a challenge that I would look forward to. I realize that there is much to be learned, but am eager. I have the experience of 17 years served as a school board member which would provide a solid base in taking on the role of trustee. In addition, I served a number of years in leadership in a UAW local which taught me the importance of listening, asking the right questions and making educated decisions.

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  Today is Monday, Sept. 1, the 244th day of 2014. There are 121 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: We are informed by J.H. Hull that the reason the street sprinkler was not at work yesterday settling the dust on the streets, was because one of his horses was injured.
1889 -- 125 years ago: Bonnie McGregor, a fleet-footed stallion owned by S.W. Wheelock of this community, covered himself with glory at Lexington, Ky, when he ran a mile in 2:13 1/2. The horse's value was estimated as at least $50,000.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Troops are pouring into Paris to prepare for defense of the city. The German army is reported to be only 60 miles from the capital of France.
1939 -- 75 years ago: The German army has invaded Poland in undeclared warfare. Poland has appealed to Great Britain and France for aid.
1964 -- 50 years ago: Publication of a plant newspaper, the Farmall Works News, has been launched at the Rock Island IHC factory and replaces a managerial newsletter.
1989 -- 25 years ago: Officials predict Monday's Rock Island Labor Parade will be the biggest and best ever. Last minute work continues on floats and costumes for the parade, which steps off a 9:30 a.m.

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