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Posted Online: Dec. 15, 2012, 5:20 pm
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My Favorite School Event
By Joshua McGowan
Fifth grade
My favorite school event is the Fall Festival, it is held in the gym. It is important because it is fun for the kids and it raises money for the school athletic department.
There are many, many games there like Bullseye, Cake Walk, Obstacle Course and more. My favorite game was the Ring Toss. I won three sodas!
There was also a jail. I had my sister arrested and my friend and I put Pastor Patrick in jail too! In the Cake Walk, you stand on numbers and they play music. When the music stops, they choose a number. Whoever is standing on that number wins a cake. I had to play about 10 times to win! The cake that I won was a marble cake.
In the obstacle course, it is a big bouncy structure that you can race in. Bullseye was a fun game where you had to throw a ball at targets. I got two bullseyes there. There was a golf game that you had to hit the golf ball into the clown's nose. There was a lion game where you had to throw the ball in the lion's mouth. I also played a dart game but, I only hit one balloon.
They also had delicious BBQ food outside. When I got there I saw little kids on a hay ride. That day I surprised my dad with the cake and sodas I had won. I'm looking forward to next year's Fall Festival. I bet it will be even better, maybe I'll win even more prizes!

The Importance of Being Thankful
By Rachal Sidlinger
Fifth grade
I was taught to always be thankful. I believe it is important to be thankful because people who live in America are so blessed, we can do what we want, but people who live other places are very limited to what they can do. In other places, if you get together to talk about God, you could get arrested, or if you own a Bible you could also get arrested. My school helps me to remember to always be thankful.
One of the ways that my school reminds me to be thankful is our Thanksgiving Day Program. We sing songs all about being thankful. The program is really fun and the whole school gets to participate. It is a great way to end school before Thanksgiving break. The program usually is about two and a half hours long.
Another way my school helps me to be thankful is all of the activities that we do. One of the activities that my class did was make little pieces of paper saying what we are thankful for and what matters. In Bible class, we make a Thanksgiving packet with coloring and activity sheets.
Another way my school helps us to be thankful is our Heritage Day party. This party is all about Thanksgiving and our heritage. We talk about what we should be thankful for, and do activities relating to Thanksgiving.
As you can see that are many things to be thankful for. We often forget all the things we should be thankful for. I'm very blessed and I need to remember to always be thankful.

My Hero
By Aleah Knoles
Fifth grade
My hero is my uncle Darryl. My uncle Darryl has been my hero forever. There are many reasons why he is my hero.
One of the many reasons he is my hero is because he has brought me closer to God. My uncle is a very godly man. He helps me a lot at church.
He influences me to be a better Christian. The way that he teaches about God is a fun way. He teaches one lesson and when he finishes I still want him to teach another lesson. Even some of my friends say he's a godly man.
Another reason is he has helped me improve in many things. One of the many things that he has helped me improve in is my baseball skills. When I go to his house we play sports for many hours. I am always excited when I see my uncle.
He is always helping me become a better person. I love my uncle so much that I named my puppy after him. That is why uncle Darryl is my hero.

Fall Festival is My Favorite
By Alexis Saddoris
Sixth grade
The annual Fall Festival at my school is my favorite event. The festival, held one Saturday in October, is attended by hundreds of students from EMCS, their families and friends.
Our entire school is brimming with colorful game booths, inflatable bouncy apparatuses, food stands and craft tables. The tempting smells of grilled hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn fill the air.
My favorite game is the cake walk. I usually win one cake every year, or my sister wins. The exciting part is when the music starts to play and everyone walks around the circle in anticipation. My lucky number is 16, so I hope to land on 16 when the music stops.
Another favorite gamebooth of mine is the ring toss. Each person gets three rings for five tickets. You have to throw the rings and try to get it on the bottle. If the rings land on the bottle then you win that pop. I always play until I win at least two pops.
Besides being a fun day, the Fall Festival helps raise money for the benefit of all students. It is also a day that brings together people of all ages to celebrate our school and its mission, as well as to promote our school to everyone. Although the festival is over for this year, I am already looking forward to next year.

My Most Influential Person
By Kevin O'Melia
Sixth grade
The most influential person in my life is my Pastor. He teaches me many great lessons about God and His Son Jesus Christ. No matter what happens in his life he stays true to God. He teaches us to be slow to anger and quick to forgiveness.
He is a living example of God's grace. Even though many people had given up on him God had another plan. He accepted Christ as his personal Savior in the 1960s. Now our Pastor will never give up on his congregation.
He did not give up on me, no matter how many times I said no in my heart. He finally broke through on Father's Day 2011. Pastor gave a powerful message during the service, which lead me to the realization that I needed to be saved.
I am so thankful for my Pastor leading me and many others to Christ. He is really a great man. He lives his life to leading more people to Christ. He truly is a man of God.


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1864 -- 150 years ago: The store of Devoe and Crampton was entered and robbed of about $500 worth of gold pens and pocket cutlery last night.
1889 -- 125 years ago: Michael Malloy was named president of the Tri-City Stone Cutters Union.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Dewitte C. Poole, former Moline newspaperman serving as vice consul general for the United States government in Paris, declared in a letter to friends that the once gay Paris is a city of sadness and desolation.
1939 -- 75 years ago: Plans for the construction of an $80,000 wholesale bakery at 2011 4th Ave. were announced by Harry and Nick Coin, of Rock Island. It is to be known as the Banquet Bakery.
1964 -- 50 years ago: An application has been filed for a state permit to organize a savings and loan association in Moline, it was announced. The applicants are Ben Butterworth, A.B. Lundahl, C. Richard Evans, John Harris, George Crampton and William Getz, all of Moline, Charles Roberts, Rock Island, and Charles Johnson, of Hampton.
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