Help needed to extend River Action's Adopt-a-Path

Posted Online: Nov. 30, 2012, 3:00 pm
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Press release submitted by River Action

Adopt-a-Path is growing to meet the demands of an expanding trail network in the Quad Cities. This past year, two miles of the Mississippi River Trail was completed through downtown Bettendorf to Riverdale and in Davenport, a new bridge was constructed, connecting Credit Island to South Concord Street.

River Action's Adopt-a-Path program is working to keep the Quad Cities' recreational trails clean. The volunteer program is an informal agreement whereby citizens, organizations, local businesses and student groups help by picking up trails throughout the year. Volunteers or "Trailkeepers" adopt ½ mile sections of the Mississippi River Trail (IA and IL) and Duck Creek Recreational Trail. (IA)

Nearly twenty of the fifty miles have been adopted. Volunteers are needed and can visit River action's website for more details at
or contact Dan at 563.322.2969 or

Adopt-a-Path Volunteer Duties

1. Pick up the path of small items of litter.
2. The scope is just the perimeter of the path. It's somewhat subjective- some areas will be wider than others. You don't have to go far afield, just the immediate path.
4. If you find large items, don't feel you have to pick them up. Give River Action a call, or your communities' parks or public works departments.
5. Use your own garbage bags, or come down to the River Action's office and pick up a supply. We also have gloves.
6. Dispose of your collected litter either in a city trash receptacle or at yours at home. If you have a large number of bags (or extremely heavy ones), give us a call and tell us where you left them. Try to leave them at a location accessible by motorized vehicles.
7. Pick up your section as often as you can. Again, this is subjective. You don't have to do it weekly or even monthly. Perhaps a guideline would be: at least every two months during the spring to fall season – in other words, four or five times a year.
8. Look for your name on the River Action website.

Adopt-a-Path Trail Sections

Mississippi River Trail, Rock Island
18th Street to Sunset Park - Volunteers needed
Sunset Park to 3rd Ave. - Volunteers needed
3rd Avenue to Crescent Bridge - Volunteers needed
Crescent Bridge to Schweibert Park - Volunteers needed
Schweibert Park to railroad bridge - Volunteers needed
Railroad bridge to Sylvan Island - Volunteers needed

Mississippi River Trail, Moline
These sections are cared for through the Moline's Adopt-a-Park program, for information about volunteer opportunities- please contact Moline Park Operations Manager Rodd Schick at 309-524-2410

Mississippi River Trail, East Moline
Moline Border to 7th Street – Bill and Kathy Storm
7th Street to Heirford Creek – Kathleen Doyle
Heirford Creek to Cambell's Island - Volunteers needed
Campbell's Island to Hampton border - Volunteers needed

Mississippi River Trail, Hampton
East Moline border to Village Hall – Bob and Peggy Bartells
Village Hall to north end of Illiniwek Park – Bob and Peggy Bartells
North end of Illiniwek to driveway - Volunteers needed
Driveway to under I-80 - Volunteers needed

Mississippi River Trail, Hampton/Rapid City
Under I-80 to 18th Street - Volunteers needed
18th Street to Schuler's Shady Grove - Volunteers needed
Schulers Shady Grove to half-way point - Volunteers needed
Half-way point to Buchanan Street - Volunteers needed
Buchanan Street to Walnut Street - Volunteers needed
Walnut Street to Agnes Street - Volunteers needed
Agnes Street to Fairfield Street - Volunteers needed

Mississippi River Trail, Cordova
Fairfield Street to Camp Hauberg - Volunteers needed
Camp Hauberg to end of trail - Volunteers needed

Mississippi River Trail, Bettendorf
West end of path to I-74 Bridge – Tom and Pat Bolton
Under I-74 to east end of path – McNeil Family

Mississippi River Trail, Davenport
Credit Island to Crescent Bridge - Kathleen and Andy Lenaghan
Crescent Bridge to Centennial Bridge - Volunteers needed
Centennial Bridge to Government Bridge - Volunteers needed
Government Bridge to Bridge Street - Volunteers needed
Bridge Street to Mound Street - Volunteers needed
Mound Street to east end of path – Tom and Pat Bolton

Duck Creek Recreation Trail, Davenport
Emeis Park to Fairmount Street - John Bedford Family
Fairmont Street to Hickory Grove Road – Dan Buck
Hickory Grove Road to Silver Creek - Volunteers needed
Silver Creek to Division Street - John Noonan
Division Street to Marquette Street – Mitch Tollerud
Marquette St to Harrison Street - Volunteers needed
Harrison Street to Brady Street - Volunteers needed
Harrison Street to Brady Street - Volunteers needed
Valle Vista Rd. to Eastern Avenue - Volunteers needed
Eastern Avenue to Jersey Ridge Road - Ryan Less and Marilynn Bartels
Jersey Ridge Road to Fairhaven Road - Ryan Less and Marilynn Bartels
Fairhaven Road to under I-74 - Jack Hermie
Fairhaven Road to Duck Creek Park – Bill and Kathy Storm

Duck Creek Recreation Trail, Bettendorf
Under I-74 to Woodland Drive - Les Pritchard Family
Woodland Drive to Middle Road - Volunteers needed
Middle Road to 18th Street - Steve Mohr Family
18th Street to 23rd Street - Volunteers needed
23rd Street to Hollow view Drive - Oscar Hawley


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  Today is Wednesday, Sept. 17, the 260th day of 2014. There are 105 days left in the year.
1864 -- 150 years ago: We are told league merchants have paid no attention to the prohibition on selling ammunition, but continue to sell just as before the order was issued.
1889 -- 125 years ago: The Rev. R.F. Sweet, rector of Trinity Episcopal Parish, left for the East to visit his boyhood home in Boston before attending the general convention of the Episcopal Church in New York.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Dr. E.A. Anderson was named to succeed Dr. E.L. Kerns as head physician of the Modern Woodmen of America, and moved to Rock Island from Holdingford, Minn.
1939 -- 75 years ago: One week late, because of the outbreak of war, Dr. E.L. Beyer resumed his work as professor of romance languages at Augustana College. Dr. and Mrs. Beyer left Germany on the last train to the Belgian border.
1964 -- 50 years ago: Employees in Turnstyle stores in Moline and Davenport will vote Oct. 2 in an election set up by the Chicago regional office of the National Labor Relations Board. Employees will vote either for the Retail Clerk International or for no union.
1989 -- 25 years ago: Rock Island High School is considering a step to help teen moms stay in school and get their diploma. The school board is expected to vote tonight on instituting an on-site child care center.

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