Young church music director loves the old stuff

Posted Online: Nov. 23, 2012, 8:30 am
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By Leon Lagerstam,
ROCK ISLAND -- Good Shepherd Presbyterian's young new music director loves the old, classical stuff.

''Anything by Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert,'' Brad Moran, 23, said. ''Some of my favorite hymns are 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty' -- 'Lobe Den Herren' -- that's a good one, or 'Deo Gracias,' and 'Hyferdol.'"

Mr. Moran, a 2008 Aledo High School and 2012 Augustana College graduate, also looks forward to the Christmas music season. ''It's like a marathon for choir directors, pastors and churches across America.''

Mr. Moran's youthful energy and enthusiasm has been embraced by the congregation, church pastor the Rev. J.D. Georlett said.

'"We're excited to have Brad leading us because we can see how talented of a musician he is, and see his love for people and for God's music, so it's not hard, at all, to have faith in his ability to be a fine music director, and we get to see that continued development happening right before our eyes.''

Mr. Moran, who turns 23 today, is grateful for the chance.''I'm, for sure, probably the youngest church music director in the area,'' he said.

''I doubt there are many full-time choir directors my age, so it makes me feel great that they have faith that I will do this job well, at such a young age,'' he said. ''This is definitely a starting point for me. it's the first real job I've had since graduating college.''

He said he ''kind of grew into the position.''

Former church music director David Davies asked Mr. Moran a few years ago to be an accompanist, ''so I came over to the church and loved what I saw. The people there are great and really faithful, which led me to accept the job.''

Being an accompanist wasn't enough. Mr. Moran said ''I felt I had so much more to offer.''

His duties include coordinating all musical aspects of worship services, and directing what he calls ''one of the best choirs in the Quad-Cities. Our choir is awesome. We have such a great sound for as many people as we have.''

About 20 people belong to the church choir, he said.

He also plays the church organ, something he started doing a few years ago after Mr. Davies, one of Mr. Moran's college professors, left the area to teach at a New York university, Mr. Moran said.

''We'll also be working together to go beyond working just with the choir,'' Rev. Georlett said. ''We have some very talented junior and senior high-school youth in terms of both voice and instrumental music capabilities, and Brad can further develop those aspects within our church.''

Brad Moran
Address: Rock Island.
Birth date: Nov. 24, 1989.
Occupation: Choir director.
Education: 2008 Aledo High School graduate; 2012 Augustana College graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education.
Hometown: Aledo.
Family: Parents, Phillip and Jeanne Moran; brothers, Tom and Robert Moran, all from Aledo
Favorite Biblical character I'd like to meet: Moses.
Hobbies: ''Music, practicing and making up my own music, I couldn't live without music.'' Other hobbies include board games, cooking and traveling.
One thing I feel strongly about: ''Open-mindedness.''
I wish I knew how to: ''Play guitar.''


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