MetroLINK goes green, adds services, changes name

Posted Online: Sept. 23, 2008, 3:38 pm
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Press release submitted by Nehlsen Communications

MetroLINK, the mass transit system for the Illinois Quad Cities, has rebranded as simply Metro and is rolling out major new changes to encourage more Quad-Citians to go green by using the Metro. These changes will include a new slogan, plus a new logo, bus stop signs, graphics for the buses, and an informative Internet microsite.

“Changing our name to Metro is part of our extensive rebranding initiative to enhance our visibility in the Quad-Cities,” said Jennifer Garrity, Metro Manager of Administration. “Another part of that initiative is our new slogan, ‘Save Something Green,’ which has both environmental and financial meanings for consumers.”

Metro offers a green transportation option for the Quad-Cities: half of its fleet consists of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, which reduce emission of exhaust pollutants by 70 to 85 percent. “The CNG buses offer a greener method of travel, since their impact on the environment is minimal,” Garrity said. “Plus, passengers save some green by not having to buy as much gasoline for their own vehicles.”

People who have not yet traveled with Metro can tour one of the CNG buses at the ORA Health and Fitness Expo, a Quad Cities Marathon event, from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 27, at Stoney Creek Inn, 101 18th St., downtown Moline.

”We encourage Quad-Citians who haven’t used the system yet to try taking the bus to and from work for one or two days a week,” Garrity said. Metro serves the Illinois Quad Cities and its neighboring areas: Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Milan, Silvis, Carbon Cliff, Hampton and Colona.

An Array of Changes

Major rebranding changes that have been implemented include:

New logo: Metro’s bus system logo has been simplified for greater visibility. Installation of the new bus stop signage will begin in Fall 2008.

New bus wraps: Many buses will be covered with new wraps, or graphics, all conveying key points of Metro’s changes. Three different bus designs soon will be hitting the streets. Some will feature green messages, while the new logo and the diversity of Quad-Citians who ride the bus will be showcased on others.

New microsite: In addition to Metro’s current Web site, www.QCMetroLINK.com, the mass transit system will now add a new microsite, www.GoGreenMetro.com, to its Internet presence. “Some people may not use Metro simply because they haven’t done it before,” Garrity said. “The microsite will give them all the information they need to start using the system.”

The new microsite, which will launch Sept. 27, will include a Trip Planner that can help you to interactively build your itinerary. A Cost Saving Calculator on the microsite can help you to determine how much money you can save by riding the bus. Route Maps and Schedules are also included. The microsite will feature online videos covering these topics:

· Intro and Planning Your Trip: How to use the microsite’s Trip Planner.

· Fares and Transfers: An overview of Metro’s fees and how transfers work.

· Boarding and Riding a Bus: An overview of bus protocol.

· Bike ‘N Ride: What to do if you have a bike and wish to ride the bus.

· If You Have a Disability: Metro can work with you to arrange transportation to meet your needs. Applications for reduced fares are available.

· General Info and Riding Etiquette: This video shows how to identify bus stops and provides rules on food and drink, payment methods and stopping the bus. The advantages of riding the bus – cost savings and environmental benefits – are also explained.

· Mobile Updates with “My Ride”: You can receive mobile text alerts on your phone to update you on the proximity of buses while you are waiting. You can also access bus information from your favorite web browser. Before leaving for work or class, you can check your computer and find out how soon your bus will be departing. If you don’t want to use text messages or browsers, you can keep a Widget control panel open on your computer. You can then type in the code for your stop and receive real-time updates throughout the day.

The microsite lists locations where you can purchase a QC PassPORT, which will allow you to use the Metro system for only $25 a month. “We hope that since the bus system saves money while saving the environment,” Garrity said, “more Quad-Citians will see that as a win-win situation and give Metro a try.”For more information, call a Metro customer service representative at (309) 788-3360 or visit their main Web page at www.QCMetroLINK.com and their microsite at www.GoGreenMetro.com.


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