Rock Island County warranty deeds

Posted Online: Nov. 16, 2007, 5:16 pm
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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

KMA Properties, c/o Albrecht, Clinton A., Princeton, Iowa, to Ainsworth, Bradley and Angela, Silvis; 953 17th Ave., Silvis; $211,500.

Gasaway, Terry, Moline, to Miner, Christopher Ryan and Nicole Lynn, East Moline; Lot 7 Belacres Subdivision 2, Cordova; $3,000.

Burke, Daniel J., Cordova, to Coers, Harold and Pamela, Cordova; 16809 266th St. N., Cordova, 5.5 acres, vacant land with machine shed; $77,000.

Lange, Chelsey, Denver, Colo., to Lewis, Jennifer, Rock Island; 2209 7th Ave., Rock Island; $159,900.

Bowman, Timothy, Moline, to Logan, Timothy, Moline; 2444 31st St., Moline; $101,000.

Williams, John R. and Sherry G., Moline, to Meier, William W. and Phyllis A., trustees, Moline; 5016 34th Ave. B, Moline; $275,000.

Hintze, Elsie F., estate, Simon, Kandie S., administrator, Woosung, Ill., to Borkgren, Stanley R., Geneseo; 5303 33rd Ave., Moline; $18,500.

Dillon, Kenneth G., Hillsdale, to Edwards, Michael, Hillsdale; 307 Monroe St., Hillsdale; $60,000.

Toland, Paul Edward, Moline, to Hunter Woods Condos, Moline; 1320 43rd Ave., 4308 14th St., Moline; $100,000.

Hunter Woods Condos, Moline, to Schmitt, Paul J. and Christine A., Waterloo, Iowa; 2999 3rd St., Unit 107, Moline; $145,675.

Smith, Mary Ann and Christopher J., East Moline, to Junis, Kristine M., East Moline; 17220 40th Ave. Court N., East Moline; $165,900.

Concannon, Rex and Benson Concannon, Cindy, Coal Valley, to Miller, Lyle and Neva Lea, Orion; 139 1st St., Coal Valley; $110,000.

Ohlweiler-Sproule, Jenal D., Benicia, Calif., to Hanna, M. Joyce, Rock Island; 3507 21st St., Rock Island; $134,000.

Amcat Properties-Moline, Moline, to C&M Capital Holdings, Moline; 1920-1922 7th St., Moline, office; $178,000.

Daxon, Thomas E. and Patsy Ann, Moline, to Maeglin, Kent O., Moline; 1904 North Shore Drive, Moline; $70,000.

Payton, Virginia R., trustee of Cale, Dorothy W., trust, Rock Island;, to Swanson, Randy S. and Dawn J., Rock Island; 1811 34th St., Rock Island; $66,000.

Payton, Virginia R., trustee of Cale, Dorothy W., trust, Rock Island, to Swanson, Randy S. and Dawn J., Rock Island; 1815 34th St., Rock Island; $27,000.

Willis, Margene, Moline, administrator of McDow, Travis J., estate, to Chesling, Sarah E. and Scott D., Moline; 5005 46th Ave. Court, Moline; $102,235.82.

Hendershot, Mark A. and Jackie Lynn, Rock Island, to Peterson, Laronda L., Moline; 1913 3rd St., Moline; $133,800.

Thoms, Jordan D., Rock Island, to Hendershot, Mark and Jackie L., Rock Island; 8914 W. 33rd St., Rock Island; $172,000.

Langman, Charles, Rock Island, to Roberts, David T. and Stephani, Paula R., East Moline; 3600 1st St., East Moline; $817,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Texas, to Chaser, Deanna, Moline; 602 4th Ave., Moline; $30,500.

Heiar, Dennis A., Walcott, to SABBEX, Bettendorf; 10620 1st St. W., Milan, mobile home park; $400,000.

Stinnett Trust c/o Weatherly, Linda, Milan, to Lloyd, Howard, Rock Island; 1803 44th St., Rock Island; $88,086.

Vyncke, Kirby and David, East Moline, to Burns, Mark S., Moline; 3014 11th Ave., Moline; $63,500.

Myers, Jill E., Rock Island, to Ealy, James R. and Jennifer A., Moline; 624 23rd Ave., Moline; $117,000.

Ryckaert, Cheryl L., Colona, to Bisby, Ruth A., Rock Island; 8016 8 1/2 St. W., Rock Island; $107,300.

Quad City Real Estate Holdings, Rock Island, to Gilbraith, Nancy E., Rock Island; 829 40th St., Rock Island; $64,900.

Mikulecky, Daniel and Pamela, Port Byron, to Mirfield, Martin and M. Jeannie L., Port Byron; 21510 71st Ave. N., Port Byron; $208,000.

Wigdahl, LaRay E., Rock Island, to Sartor, Doreen, Rock Island; 2500 15th St. Court, Rock Island; $120,000.

Hynes & Howes Insurance Counselors, Davenport, to Walnut Management, Davenport; 618 8th St., Rock Island; $40,994.

Half Moon Holdings, Davenport, to Smith, Daniel and Barton, Terrie and Stephen, Saucier, Miss.; 700 22nd St., Rock Island; $61,000.

Bisby, Ruth A., Rock Island, to Mulcahy, Kelly, Moline; 5534 31st Ave. Court, Moline; $117,000.

Morales, Josephine, estate, Port Byron, to Morales, Gina C., Moline; 1852 3rd St., Moline; $16,000.

KONE, Moline, to Brinn, Michael P., Moline; 11 Thornwood Court, Moline; $195,000.

Young, Christiane M., Davenport, to Swanson, Jeremy J., Moline; 2737 14th Ave., Moline; $119,900.

Hoogerwerf, Leonard J., Rock Island, to Tubbs, Jeffery T., Rock Island; 2503 24th Ave., Rock Island, apartment building, two units; $108,000.

Piercy, James W. II and Mary J., Moline, to Bertram, Joni and Poling, Kris, Coal Valley; 1109 15th St. A., Moline; $50,000.

Williams, Gary, Milan, to Ingwersen, Stuart, Rock Island; 602 46th St., Rock Island, land/lot only; $15,000.

Neece, Frederick J. and Carol L., Moline, to Bowling, Christopher J. and Karen L., Moline; 2520 13th Ave., Moline; $50,000.

Taylor, Linda K., Silvis, to Hale's Construction, Port Byron; 3403 214th St. N., Port Byron; $155,000.

McMahon, Daniel and Colette, Fulton, to Johnson, Brad and Craigmiles, Julia, Cordova; 602 2nd Ave. S., Cordova; $108,445.

Goosens, Anna E., by Tady, Norma, POA, Taylor Ridge, to Perez, Saul, Moline; 312 18th Ave., Moline; $57,000.

Palen, Thomas A., Ottumwa, Iowa, to Swinford, Dennis A. Jr., Rock Island; 4201 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $71,000.

Bush, Barbara K., Moline, to Caldwell, Tim, Moline; 1860 25th Ave. Court, Moline; $131,000.

Brooks, Craig E. and Rhonda L., Bettendorf, to Bloome, James A., Port Byron; 606 S. Main St., Port Byron; $441,000.

Pacheco, Mike Anthony, Rock Island, to Vargas, Sergio and Hill, Erin M., East Moline; 2900 Kennedy Drive, East Moline; $62,000.

Zelnio, John J. and Sarah B., Moline, to Mbengue, Ibrahima and Ndoye, Ndieme, Moline; 3805 16th Ave., Moline; $197,000.

Diaz, Amadeo, Taylor Ridge, to Thompson, Laysa, Rock Island; 538 21st Ave., Rock Island; $81,000.

Montieth, Valerie A., Port Byron, to Kovak, Hilary A., Moline; 3725 10th Ave. Court, Moline; $77,000.

Peterson, Thomas, Moline, to Engholm, Connie, Moline; 2006 3rd St., Moline; $83,500.

HSBC Bank USA, Houston, Texas, to Brown, Cindy E., Silvis; 1504 12th St., Silvis; $93,000.

Quad City Homes, Moline, to Marquez, Gilberto, Rock Island; 728 17th St., Rock Island; $35,000.

Stoffer, Robert, Davenport, to Bialecki, Helen, Moline; 1023 Arbor Drive, Moline; $146,772.

Bump, Richard A., estate, by Bump, Tom, administrator, Moline, to Bump, Myrtle I., Moline; 3751 12th Ave., Moline; $38,250.

Simenec, Geraldine A., Moline, to Nonnenmann, Joseph P. and Kathryn E., Rock Island; 4524 18th Ave., Rock Island; $75,500.

McKissick, Fay V., Rock Island, to Dasso, Jean E., Rock Island; 2239 30th St., Rock Island; $85,000.

Urek, Benjamin and Amber, East Moline, to Phelps, Darren and Jackie, East Moline; 420 39th Ave., East Moline; $148,000.

Heiar, Dennis A., Walcott, to SABBEX, Bettendorf; 648 W. 10th Ave. and 652 W. 10th Ave., Milan, mobile home park; $300,000.

Degeeter, Morrie, East Moline, to Bollaert, Mark D., Moline; Lot 2 Phelp's Rock River Addition, vacant land; $7,500.

Bartsch, Hans E., Forest Lake, Minn., to Cook, Kimberly K., East Moline; 304 18th Ave., East Moline; $45,000.

Murphy, Delbert T., estate, Moline, to Murphy, Kathleen, Moline; 1121 11th Ave., Moline; $77,000.

Johnson, Kevin and Mariah, Rock Island, to Graf, Gregory L., Rock Island; 844 21st St., Rock Island; $52,500.

Gengler, Donna M., estate, Bella Vista, Ariz., to Thompson, Travis G. and Florence E., Milan; 825 E. 4th Ave., Milan; $74,000.

Schoessow, William M. and Caroline M., Moline, to Henry, Gary L., Moline; 1311 17th St., Moline; $2,000.

The Bank of New York Trust Company, Dallas, Texas, to Brooks, Michael S. and Christopher, East Moline; 932 36 1/2 St., East Moline; $53,500.

Witter, James L., trust, Coal Valley, to Getz, Peter T. and Louise A., East Moline; 77.41 acres vacant farm ground, Coal Valley, Rural Township; $480,000.

Sachau, Virginia, East Moline, to Bethard, Jonathan and Sabrina, Port Byron; 203 Bluff St., Port Byron; $79,800.

Schneekloth, Carl G. and Linda G., Rock Island, to Saller, Ryan, Moline; 516 25th St., Moline; $57,900.

Owens, Arnold P., Moline, to Bollert, Mark, Moline; 2113 South Shore Drive, Moline; $92,000.

Ballinger, Dennis D., Decatur, Ill., to Dobbins, Daniel W. and Sadie I., Rock Island; 327 10th St., Rock Island; $6,500.

Vista Securities, Decatur, Ill., to Dobbins, Daniel W. and Sadie I., Rock Island; 505 9th St., Rock Island; $10,000.

Williams, Robert Lee, trustee, Port Byron, to Champigny, Donald Jr., Rock Island; 1626 White Tail Drive, Port Byron; $238,000.

Woolstenhulme, Elizabeth, Boise, Idaho, to Kurrle, Donald O., Moline; 2908 26th St., Moline; $132,000.

Bank of New York, Chicago, to Conner, Christiana, Moline; 1932 23rd St., Moline; $80,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, Frederick, Md., to Gill, Justin Lee, Hillsdale; 132 Butzer, Hillsdale; $65,000.

York, Roger and Teresa M., Colona, to Houseman, Heather, East Moline; 4521 11th St. Court, East Moline; $81,400.

Hancock, Taryn J., East Moline, to Bugay, Bridget K., Moline; 1847 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $73,806.

Johnson, Donald E., Moline, to Nguyen, Toan Q. and Trang Kelly, Moline; 3139 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, retail establishment: $100,000.

Kroll, Daniel J., Geneseo, to Perantinos, George, Carbon Cliff; 848 1st Ave., Carbon Cliff; $61,500.

Steinbrecher, Lewis J. and Ingraham, Rochelle L., Moline, to Gacioch, Michael T. Jr. and Wanda A., Moline; 3623 75th St., Moline; $214,900.

Rodgers, Randall S., East Moline, to Rodgers, Kristin L., Moline; 1801 54th St. Court, Moline; $40,000.

Larrison, Gary Lee and Elizabeth, Hampton, to Larrison, Gary C., Hampton; 301 4th St., Hampton; $100,000.

First Financial Group, Bettendorf, to Banuelos, Abel, East Moline; 820 17th St., East Moline; $44,000.

Diamond, John W., Rock Island, to Wild, Bruce and Michelle, Moline; 2111 South Shore Drive, Moline; $98,500.

Smith, Ivan and Anna, Silvis, to Miller, Raymond R., Silvis; 1412 Hospital Road, Silvis; $35,000.

Beaver Builders, Rock Island, to Ballard, Mark D. and Bettijean, Coal Valley; 1516 E. 6th St., Coal Valley; $203,470.

Rohret, Leslie L. and Cheffer, Ann L., Bettendorf, to Rocha, Gustavo, East Moline; 2806 8th St., East Moline; $90,000.

Blomgren, Evelyn, estate, Rock Island, to Johnson, David and Lucretia, Milan; 3300 38th St., Rock Island; $147,500.

Meeker, Ronald and Melissa, Colona, to Warner, Travis J., East Moline; 187 Island Avenue, East Moline; $10,000.

Leibovitz, Norman E. and Karen M., Silvis, to 4-L Properties, Colona; 225, 235, 245 12th St., Silvis, apartment building; $450,000.

First Christian Church, Moline, to Padgett, Linda K. and McKitrick, Joan and Fraser, Daniel, Henry, Ill.; 2621 44th St. Court, Moline; $30,000.

Lueders, Kevin L. and Jill C., Virginia Beach, Va., to Miles, Dustin M., Moline; 2607 45th St., Moline; $75,000.

Whipple, Harry III, trustee, Milan, to Fisher, Pamela K., Moline; 1411 6th Ave., Moline, retail establishment; $129,000.

Mill Creek Manor, Moline, to Lavin, Jeffrey D. and Mary B., Eldridge; vacant lot, Milan, Blackhawk Township; $52,500.

King's Farm Development, Moline, to Vintage Homes, Davenport; vacant lot, East Moline, South Moline Township; $33,000.

Baker, Antonio C. and Christine E., Tampa, Fla., to LeMaster, David, Rock Island; 1511 Morton Drive, East Moline; $56,000.

McClure, William, estate, Bourbonnais, Ill., to Benson, Bonnie and George, Hillsdale; vacant land, Hillsdale, Canoe Cree Township; $20,000.

Half Moon Holdings, Davenport, to Dennis, Randy D., Milan; vacant lot, Milan, Blackhawk Township; $20,000.

Wells Fargo Financial Illinois, Frederick, Md., to Brown, J. Scott, Gilbert, Ariz.; 1612 5th St., Rock Island; $7,350.

Kennedy Drive Corporation, Moline, to MHC Realty, Series 17, Moline; 3017 Kennedy Drive, East Moline, retail establishment; $373,000.

Tillberg, Erik and Chambers-Tillberg, Sarah, Rock Island, to Whelan, Terrence J., Moline; 2409 44th St., Moline; $41,200.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Wiggins, Benjamin M., Rock Island; 2531 30th St., Rock Island; $121,900.

Rocha, Gustavo and Martha, Silvis, to Diaz, Jesus, Silvis; 508 7th Ave., Silvis; $69,148.

Littig, Joseph, Rock Island, to Van Blaracom, Rock Island; 2737 8 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $37,000.

Kalahar, Shirley L., Moline, to Lippert, Blaine and Linda Sue, East Moline; 1800 7th St., Apartment 2E, East Moline; $72,500.

Bickle, Robert and Judy, Milan, to Varnell, John, Milan; 8228 W. 78th Ave., Milan; $144,000.

Clemons, James L. and Margaret L., Moline, to Clemons, Donald L. and Tamara, Moline; 919 24th St., Moline; $42,000.

Roberts, Clarence H. and Marija T., Moline, to Henne, William L. and Lord, Alan P., Sherrard; 2341 34th St., Moline, apartment building; $430,000.

Stebly, Patrick J. and Michelle L., Chicago, to Essman, Barrett and Mary A., Rock Island; 2230 14th St., Rock Island, $129,900.

Lutz, Barbara, Edina, Minn., Bachovchin, John and Judith, East Moline; 408 25th Ave., Court, East Moline; $140,000.

Pena, Federico, East Moline, to Gonzalez, Humberto C. and Veronica, East Moline; 332 40th Ave., East Moline; $117,710.

Dean, James D. and Amber Jonell, Moline, to Simmons, Robert A., East Moline; 2101 7th St., East Moline; $27,500.

Freeland, Anne M., Colona, to Weber, Paul and Heather, Moline; 3105 15th St. A., Moline; $122,000.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, Moline, to Grimstad, Joe, Rock Island; 710 4th St., Rock Island; $7,500.

Howard, Donald K. and Shirley J., East Moline, to T.R. Holdings, Bettendorf; 1617 11th St., Rock Island, Family Dollar; $190,000.

Vandieren, Michael J., Port Byron, to Cook, Tracey, Port Byron; 411 Cherry St., Port Byron; $65,700.

Bull, David L. and Gretchen M., Erie, to Andrews, Christopher M. and Janecek, Brittanee N., Port Byron; 415 Barber Creek Road, Port Byron; $260,000.

Silvis Shopping Center Real Estate Corporation, Moline, to MHC Realty, Series 2, Moline; 1007 1st St., Silvis, retail establishment; $550,000.

Infinite Oil, Schaumburg, Ill., to Z&S Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 2400 7th Ave., Rock Island, retail establishment; $525,000.

Infinite Oil, Schaumburg, Ill., to Z&S Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 424 First Ave., Silvis, retail establishment; $550,000.

Infinite Oil, Schaumburg, Ill., to Z&S Corp., Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 2420 24th St., Rock Island, retail establishment; $550,000.

Pope, Dorwin G. and Peggy, East Moline, to Schave, Jacquelyn R., Silvis; 3117 11th St., Silvis; $216,000.

Boeh, M. Duane, Hunter Army Airfield, Ga., to Broadway Corporation, Rock Island; 1230 29th St., Rock Island; $75,000.

Langeneckert, Amy K., Davenport, to Agan, Andy E. and Kespohl, Kala M., East Moline; 349 21st St., East Moline; $69,000.

BPH Properties, Port Byron, to Klundt, Douglas and Amber, Bettendorf; 1004 13th St., Rapids City; $213,500.

Barajas, Fidencio and Dolores, East Moline, to Rosas, Jose and Leticia, Moline; 447 4th Ave., Moline; $60,000.

Rosas, Jose and Leticia, Moline, to Barajas, Fidencio and Dolores, East Moline; 642 30th Ave., East Moline; $60,000.

Simmer, L. Scott, Silvis, to Downing, Samuel, Rock Island; 1603 25th St., Rock Island; $62,000.

Vance, Stephen R., Rock Island, to Sill, David II, Rock Island; 2415 28th St., Rock Island; $121,000.

Sladek, Charles P., estate, Sladek, Charles P. Jr., executor, East Moline, to Canterbury, James R., Rock Island; 4121 35th St., Rock Island; $121,000.

Jahn, Allen E. and Cathy L., Orion, to Manning, Shawn, Orion; 12105 183rd Ave., Orion; $224,500.

Gibson, Matthew S., Rock Island, to Finch, Patricia, Rock Island; 3230 13th Ave., Rock Island; $110,000.

Strombeck, Cheryl A., Coal Valley, to Hawk, Steven L. and Nancy E., Coal Valley; 710 E. 7th St., Coal Valley; $230,000.

Perez, Mickey J. and Judi L., Rock Island, to Bennett, William R. Jr., Rock Island; 2235 32nd St., Rock Island; $118,000.

First Financial Group, Bettendorf, to Gusman, Steven L., Milan; 2911 and 2917 53rd Ave. W., Milan; $55,449.

Zimmer, Jane E., Marblehead, Mass., to Wilson, Larry A. and Lori, Moline; 1910 Glenwood Drive, Moline; $193,000.

Duncheon, Larry, Moline, to White, Sharon R., Chicago; 1301 and 1305 2nd Ave., Rock Island; $260,000.

Brissman, Jane S., estate, Northbrook, Ill., to Johnson, Angela, Rock Island; 1521 28th St., Rock Island; $102,000.

Creger, Cama S. and Floyd A., Sherrard, to Hebestreit, Robert J. and Judy, Rock Island; 2749 47th St. Court, Rock Island; $171,500.

American Bank & Trust Co., trustee of Harris, Stanley, trust, Rock Island, to Peterson, Richard A., trust, Rock Island; No. 2 Briarwood Lane, Rock Island; $142,450.

Henry County warranty deeds

Lee, Donald C., estate to Krogmann, Sherri D.; 202 N. Broadway St. Colona; $64,900

Ringberg Farms to Ringberg, William R. and Werthmann, Judith A.; Section 18, Township 14N, Range 2E; $40,000.

Causemaker, Marjorie M. estate to CCC&L Properties; 110 N Canal St., Annawan; $36,500.

Harvey, Gwendolyn W. estate to Longeville, Blake; 220 E. 6th St., Kewanee; $9,500.

Clark Holke, Deborah L. Trust to Newkirk, Jaime J. and Michael S.; 628 Oakwood Place, Geneseo; $175,000.

Ridgley, Christina L. and Craig A. to Deporter, Neil C. and Roberta L.; 239 Briargate Drive, Colona; $160,000.

Klavohn, Wilbur F. to Manning, Michael W.; Section 26, Township 17N, Range 3E; $20,000.

Hurdis, Jason R. and Jo Anne to Ogilvie, Justin P., Kent and Terri A.;

Timber Brook Estates Lot 38 3rd Addition; $30,500.

Carter, Nancy and Martell, Helen and Luker, Sally to Kepner, Barbara E., trust; 203 S. Yates St., Alpha; $50,000.

Rhode, Robert M. to Favri, Dustin; 307 N. Poplar St., Cambridge; $70,000.

Ringberg, William R. and Werthmann, Judith A. to Ringberg, Scott W. and Shelina R.; Section 18, Township 14N, Range 2E; $40,000.

Radford, Michael Glen and Susan Annette to Langley, Christopher Lee and Stephanie Anne; 16730 E. 200th St., Orion; $285,000.

Osborne, Joe A. and Kathleen M. to Murphy, Fred Sr. and Wallace, Kelly; Edgewood 2nd Addition, multi lots/Block 4, Kewanee; $1,000;

Vanhyfte, Elaine L. and John F. to Kirkhove, Donald G. and Kris J.; Section 3, Township 16N, Range 5E; $2,500.

Bank of New York Trust Company to Moore, Bonnie N. and Michael J.; 477 E. 3rd St., Woodhull; $37,000.

Wells Fargo Financial Illinois to Nordstrom, Richard; 215 E. Division St., Galva; $22,500.

Ballinger, Dennis D. to Reddy, Steven E.; Section 14, Township 5N Range 1E; 9924 E. 400th St.; $35,000.

Townsend, Carol A. and Myron R. to Resseguie, Scott R.; Section 28, Township 14N, Range 4E, Prairie Ridge ext 1; $23,000.

Jackson, Chad A. and Rosa A. to Siscoe, Kevin L. and Regina K.; 312 Roosevelt Ave., Kewanee; $80,000.

Thomas, Michael R. and Rosetta M. to Solberg, Mary R. and Timothy W.; 721 9th St., Colona; $125,000.

Siscoe, Kevin L. and Regina K. to Stewart, Patricia A. and Robert I.; 121 E. Prospect St., Kewanee; $120,000.

Anderson, Lisa M. and James D. to Gale, Frank A. and Pamela R.; 116 NW 7th Ave., Galva; $52,000.

Branchfield Castings to Hopping, James B. and Theodore B.; Section 28, Township 14N, Range 4E; $38,000.

Heberer, Dorothy M. to Flannery, Larry Alan; Simpsons 2nd Addition, Lot 6, Block 1, Kewanee; $5,000.

Contreras, Lisa A. to Bourell, Michael S.; 25529 1280th St. E., Geneseo; $110,000.

Hart, Edward L. and Pamela A. to Thompson, Jody R.; 614 S. Center St., Geneseo; $101,000.

Morris, Michelle A. and Terry L. to Serra, Pamela L.; 506 Greenview Ave., Colona; $101,000.

Vanhoorebeck, Greg S. to Crosiar, David W. Jr.; 1408 7th St., Orion; $137,000.

Henry, Laila M. estate to Smith, William M.; 401 Green St., Kewanee; $55,000.

Sheets, Betty N. estate to Klemmer, Deborah S. and Steven F.; 233 Hillcrest Drive, Geneseo; $122,000.

Johnson, Darwin M. trust to Willemkens, Charles J. and Moneta M.; 320 N. Ward St., Geneseo; $131,000.

Thornbrugh, Mae J. trust to Berry, Roger D.; 644 N Russell Ave., Geneseo; $103,000.

Rannow, Cathy R. to Miller, George T. and Necia R.; 1003 14th Ave. A., Orion; $88,000.

Keller, Joan and Marcella to Turley, Richard and Vicki; 732 Morton Ave., Kewanee; $36,000.

Annawan Kewanee Area Hotel to Guru Hospitality; 315 N. Canal St., Annawan; $808,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Stock, Frances V.; 204 NW 1st Ave., Galva; $67,500.

Conroy, Kay and Tom to Bordwell, Donna M. and William A.; 15414 N 2120th Ave., Geneseo; $260,000.

Baumgardner, Amanda S. and F. Thomas to Gish, Brett E. and Renee M.; 610 E. Mill St., Kewanee; $205,000.

Grieme, Frances H. and James L. to Bohms, Lindsey F.; 445 Avon Court, Colona; $147,000.

Hardin, Amy L. to Donley, Jared M. and Kiley; 402 S. State St., Annawan; $81,500.

Bank of New York and Countrywide Home Loans Servicing to Lucas, Andrew E. and Sheilla R.; 610 SE 2nd St., Galva; $40,000.

Fesler, Marva and Rollin E. to Durnil, Carol A. and Michael W.; 325 N. East St., Kewanee; $11,000.

McNaught, Mary Sue and Michael W. and Verheecke, Robert to Verheecke, Robert;

Lyle & Fischer Addition, Lot 15 Block 1, Kewanee; $15,000.

Calcutt, Marilyn J. and Richard L. to Keim, Richard J.; 820 Golden Ave., Kewanee; $82,500.

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee to Marsh, Joan M. and Joey L.; 203 N. Boss St., Kewanee; $15,000.

Miller, Francis J. and Judith L. to Fiers, Marjorie M.; Country Manor Condos, Unit 2, Geneseo; $155,000.

Schillinger, John D. and Shepherd, Dale R. to Karpel, Tracy D.; Section 3, Township 15N, Range 1E; $16,000.

Dozier, Deborah K. and Thomas E. to Church, Kathryn P.; 5th St., Colona; $125,000.

Fox, Carol M. and Luther H. to Spivey, Erin L. and Travis M.; Section 18, Township 14N, Range 4E; $25,000.

Klavohn, Wilbur F. to Johns, Kerry Dee; Section 26, Township 17N, Range 3E; $80,000.

Clark, Janice A. and Richard H. to Sirva Relocation; 71 Hickory Court, Geneseo; $236,500.

Sirva Relocation to Ellis, Amaya and Michael T.; 71 Hickory Court, Geneseo; $215,000.

Hancock, Cindy J. and Steven A. to Kuhns, Barbara S. and Robert A.; Vails 2nd addition, multiple lots/blocks, Geneseo; $100,000.

Camacho, Guadalupe and Luis A. to Currier, Jason; 1016 Rockwell St., Kewanee; $37,500.

Stout, Margie B. and Robert J. to L&M Living Trust; 108 S. State St., Atkinson; $115,000.

Monument Street Funding to Longeville, Blake; 217 Wiley Ave., Kewanee; $14,000.

Templin, Ellen U. to Presswood, Marsha D. and Stanley V.; 9597 N. Thompson St., Colona; $90,000.

Teerlinck, Sandra S. to Finin, Barbara J. and Thomas M.; 222 W. Garfield St., Kewanee; $50,000.

Hoffman, Gerald L. to Gephart, Millie L. and Terry W.; Section 27, Township 18N, Range 2E; $21,500.

McCormick, Cheryl and McCormick, Phillip to Kraft, John R. and Shawn; 22534 N. Wilsey Road, Annawan; $65,000.

Switzer, Alice M. to Hill, Don A. and Sandra S.; 12315 Illinois Highway 78, Kewanee; $158,000.

Roesners Midwest Marketing to Desplinter Construction; original town, Lot 7 and 8 Block 4, Atkinson; $25,000.

Roy, Earl Z. to Robbins, Mary Ann; original town, Lot 5, Block 7, Galva; $8,500.

Herriott, Clara K. estate to Koehler, Mark A.; 920 N. Vine St., Kewanee; $30,000.

Parker, Doris J. trust to Moon, David and Sandra; 502 S. Main St., Annawan; $206,000.

Farmers National Bank of Prophetstown and Johnson, Nita Mae trust to CCC & L Properties; 300 W. Center St., Cambridge; $67,000.

Ries, James A. to Hudson, Doni S.; 118 N. Williams, Geneseo; $96,000.

Baum, Carol A. and Theodore M. Jr. to Patty, Juliana M. and Keith C.; 116 Hillcrest Drive, Geneseo; $159,500.

Mallum, Dennis J. to Siela, Kathryn N.; Section 16, Township 17N, Range 3E; $89,000.

Lampe, Dollie A. and Roger A. to Veloz, Chad R. and Kimberly; 601 1st St., Colona; $74,500.

Walters, Kelly A. and Nick A. to Dragolovich, Allen K. and Marcia K.; 734 E 15th St., Kewanee; $120,500.

Williams, Tony to Pereda, Jose and Maria; 812 N. Walnut, Kewanee; $10,000.

Eagle Homes Stonebridgecrossing to Erwin, Jerry and Kelly; 710 Mineral Creek Drive, Colona; $264,500.

Fuentez, Erminia to Aguilar, Patricia and Gil, Antonio Martinez; 826 Rollins St., Kewanee; $26,000.

Baumgardner, Amanda S. and Thomas to Gish, Brett E. and Renee M.; 610 E. Mill St., Kewanee; $205,000.

Dunn, Kit A. and Lauri A. to Piester, Cathy S. and Donnie L.; 912 Madison Ave., Kewanee; $11,500.

Claerhout, Amanda and Bryan S. to Bazaldua, Noemi and Rafael; 263 Briargate Drive, Colona; $173,500.

Reeves, Cindy L. and Kenneth E. Jr. to Ulick, Bradley M. and Kimberly L.; 300 E. Williams St., Atkinson; $132,500.

Ricketts, Kimberly L. and Michael E. to Stimes, Beth A. and G. Thomas; Section 5, Township 17N, Range 3Em Berly Woods Lot 13; $49,000.

Huggins, Jason P. to Downs, Charleen and Charles L.; 8772 Wolf Road, Colona; $129,000.

Siamantouras, Gus to Levidion; 420 S. Main St., Kewanee; $76,500.

Hiatt, Jack D. to Klett, Sally S.; Section 26, Township 16N, Range 2E; $100,000.

Johnson, Sheldon Robert and Todd Wendel to Dornfeld, David A. and Joy A.;

Section 6, Township 17N, Range 3E, Hawkeye Comm Pk Lot 11; $125,000.

Vanwassenhove, Tiphanie D. and Todd E. to Buss, Kevin L. and Susan M.;

108 E. South St., Cambridge; $92,000.


Local events heading

  Today is Tuesday, Oct. 21, the 294th day of 2014. There are 71 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: The weather is discouraging for our great Democratic rally tomorrow, but never mind that. Let our Rock Island people show they can make a big procession themselves, rain or shine.
1889 -- 125 years ago: Apparatus arrived for drilling an artesian well on the premises of George Warner's Atlantic Brewery.
1914 -- 100 years ago: The German army continued its attacks on the allies line near the Belgian coast.
1939 -- 75 years ago: The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Zachert northwest of Buffalo Prairie, burned to the ground.
1964 -- 50 years ago: WVIK-FM, noncommercial educational radio station at Augustana College, will return to the air tomorrow. The station operates at a power of 10 watts at 90.9 megacycles on the frequency modulation band. The station is operated with a staff of 92 students.
1989 -- 25 years ago: An avenue of lights, 13 Christmas trees strung with more than 44,000 sparkling lights, will expand the Festival of Trees beyond the walls of RiverCenter in downtown Davenport in mid-November.

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