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Rock Island


Real estate deeds

Rock Island Lot 22, Bowers French Farm 1 Addn., Rock Island \$23,000.

ALLEN, Keith E. and HOLCIK-ALLEN, Jacqueline S., to LINGRIS, Catherine D.,
5520 30 Ave., Moline Lot 4, Northcrest 7 Addn., Moline $103,000.

AM RHEIN, Linda I., Atty for Marion Van Daele, to ARCH, Darla D., 1715 13
Ave., Moline Part Lot 3, Hillblooms 1 Addn., Moline $41,500.

ARCHER, Gaylord L. and Congetta M., to CLEMMONS, Edmon R. and Joyce B., 1519
25 St., Rock Island Lot 22, Block 1, Beecher and Walsh\'s Addn., Rock Island

AUMAN, Thos F. and Suzanne R., to MITCHELL, Kenneth R. and Jennifer L., 432 Le
Parc Circle, Buffalo Grove, Ill. Part Lot 18, Ridgeview Addn., Moline

BAKER, Albert A. and Alice J., to ENTERPRISE-RENT-A-CAR CO MIDWEST, 321 W.
Kimberly Rd., Davenport Part Lot 4, Community Center Subdiv., East Moline

BARTON, James, to LIDDY, Zelotus and MARVIN, James W., 1609 28 St., Rock
Island Lot 3, Brien and Lamonts Addn., Rock Island no rev.

BATEMAN, Sean C. and Dora L., et al, to WRIGHT, Jeffrey A., 718 13 St., Moline
Lot 19, Block 11, Buford and Guyer\'s Addn., Rock Island $37,000.

BEMDER. Wm. A. and Thelma L., to CRIMMINS, Donna J. and WOLD, Tracey L., 2432
Woodlawn Ave., East Moline Lot 4, Block 26, 6th Addn. to Town of Silvis

BLANCHARD, Robt. E. and Joyce M., to SACHLEBEN, Robt. L. and BEST, Larry L.,
1238 12 St., Rock Island Lot 11, Karlburg Ct. Addn., Rock Island $29,000.

BODDIE, Shirley A. Weatherly, to MARING, Jason A., 4138 38 Ave., Moline
Part Lot 1, Joseph Burgarts 2 Addn., Rock Island $44,000.

BODMAN, Judith A., to WUESTENBERG, Ron and Angela, 1704 114 Ave., Milan Part
Lot 21 and 20, Wm. Croppers 4 Addn. $29,000.

BOONE, Wendell J. and Linda, to MILLAGE CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. Lot 17,
Applewood Addn., East Moline no rev.

BREECHER, Kent C. and Marsha L., to ZMUDA, Michael J., 309 32 Ave., Moline
Lot 11, Orchard Hills Addn., Moline $75,000.

BROWN, Jean T. and Truman A., to CLARK, David D. and Nancy B., 5203 26 Ave. A,
Ct., Moline Lot 47, Villa Park Addn., Moline $72,000.

BURKEYBILE, Raymond and Wilma to JENSEN, Richard E. and Conchita M., 3633 8
St., East Moline Lot 35, Seven Hills 2 Addn., East Moline $89,000.

BURNS, Henry V III, et al, to BERG, Gary L. and Viola H., 1700 22 St., Rock
Island Lot 1, Block 4, Highland Park Addn., Rock Island $31,000.

CHANDLER, Erma J., to BENSON, Jay, 12918 13 St., Milan Lot 7, Block 1,
Pleasantdale 4 Addn., Milan $39,500.

CHRISTISEN, David L. and Nancy L., to DUNGAN, Merle O. and Rose M., 1202 45
St., Rock Island Lot 4, Joseph D Bollingers 5 Addn., Rock Island $88,000.

CLAEYS, Walter and Charleene W., to MOSLEY, Gregory E. and Kathaleen A., Rt. 1
Box 337, Moline Part NE 1/4 Sec. 22-17-1 $129,000.

CLAPP, Barbara A., to ALDRICH, Linda R., 602 32 Ave., East Moline Lot 23,
Hill View Addn., East Moline $90,000.

COFFEY, Billy G. and JACOBY, Edw M., to COFFEY, Bill H. Sr., 510 E. 5 St.,
Coal Valley Lot 6, Jacksons Oak Park 3 Addn., Coal Valley no rev.

CORDRAY, Reatha C., to RANGAL, Claudia, 4605 12 St., Rock Island LOt 3, Park
View Court Addn., Rock Island $42,000.

COX, Robt. E. and Thelma J., to NAAB, Christian S., 927 43 St., Rock Island
Lot 5 and 6, Lot Mosenfelders Hillcrest Addn., Rock Island $30,000.

CRAMER, Robt. and Esther D., to MARTINEZ, Jim and Irma, 1230 36 Ave., Rock
Island Lot 5 and 6, Lot Mosenfelders Hillcrest Addn., Rock Island $165,000.

DEI, James R. and Katherine M., to REAVES, Randy S. and Patricia L., 1825
Sante Fe, Lewisville, Texas Lot 1 and 18, Glockhoffs Subdiv., Moline

DRAINE, Harlan W., to DHAMERS, Russell P. and Alice, 4405 10 Ave., Rock Island
Part Block G, Edgewood Park Addn., Rock Island $7,000.

DUNCAN, James R., to LOERA, Estella, 1614 24 1/2 St., Rock Island Lot 5,
Block 1, W E Baileys Park Addn., Rock Island $34,000.

DUNCAN, James R., to MC SPARIN, Leah Z, 1143 23 St., Moline Part Lot 6, Block
4, Candee Grove Addn., Moline $37,000.

EGAN, Mary H., to JOHNSON, Daniel and CHHOUN-JOHNSON, Phoracomony, 5022 44 St.
Ct, Moline lot 4, Ball and Davis\' Addn., Moline $38,000.

ENGLEHAUPT, Terry E. and Theresa A., to CAVIOLA, Gaetan II and Peggy L., 827 E
3 St., Milan Lot 2, Scottswood Addn., Milan $37,000.

3531 9 1/2 St., Rock Island Lot 23, Foxwood 1 Subdiv., Rock Island $22,500.

GALEA, Jeanette J., to LETANG, Paul and Nancy, 47 McKinley St., St. Charles,
Ill. Lot 31, Edgewater Place Subdiv. $20,000.

GONZALEZ, Richard A. and Belinda J., to HART, Douglas E., to HOWARD, Philip
G., 2432 18 Ave., Rock Island Lot 5, Block 1, Oak Grove Addn., Rock Island

HAMMERLINCK, Eugene and Eliz A., to BENNETT, Daniel M. and Laura A., 14729
Knoxville Road, Milan Lot 2, Sunset Terrace 1 Addn., Milan no rev.

HANSEN, James W. and Bonna L., to CHANDLER, Erma J., 429 E. 5 St., Milan Lot
7, Block 1, Pleasantdale 4 Addn., Milan $24,500.

HARMIE, John and Rachel I., to PULLIAM, Robt. E. and Charleszene, 823 5 Ave.,
Rock Island Lot 4, Wm Magazines subdiv., Rock Island $6,500.

HILLBLOOM, James S. and Betty J., to CATTERTON, Floyd E. Jr. and Joetta M.,
915 37 St., Moline Lot 15, Rock View Estates 9 Addn., Moline $21,000.

HOLLAND, Joan T., to ANDERSON, Evelyn C., 2324 40 St. Ct, Rock Island Unit 7,
Long View Condos, Rock Island $20,000.

HOLMQUIST, Deborah S., to HEADLEY, James D. Teresa E., 1832 4 St., Moline Lot
7, Block 8, Fairmount Addn., Moline $44,500.

HUFFMAN, Luz M., to POLLEY, Timothy M. and Lynne A., 4425 53 St., Moline Lot
2, Block 14, Orlando Child\'s Addn., Moline $40,000.

JAMISON, Carl W. and Carol M., to PINNAULT, Antoinette L., 1809 9 St., Moline
Part Lot 14, Block 3, Healy\'s Subdiv. $45,000.

JENSEN, Richard E. and Conchita M., to GIAMPIETRO, Lori and WILLIAMS, Gary L.,
3217 12 Ave., Moline Lot 3, Dell View 2 Addn., Moline $74,000.

JOHNSON, Richard H. and Helen E., to MYERS, Rose M., 8145 54 St. Ct, Coal
Valley Lot 2, Highland Hgts. 1 Addn., Moline $73,500.

KENELLY, Gary P. and Gwendolyn A., to YEARGLE, Jack E. and Richard E., 2414 16
St., Moline Lot 3, Emil Thonn\'s Subdiv., Rock Island $50,000.

KERTZ, James A. and Cheryl K., to MC GRATH, John W., 17226 Cedar Road, East
Moline Lot 2, Cedar Brook Estates I $112,000.

KRAUSE, Stephen Wm., to STIGERS, Jeffrey A. and Tracy R., 1404 32 St., Rock
Island Lot 6 and Part Lot 4, South Park Addn., Rock Island $34,000.

LA MAR, Nancy A., to STEELE, David L. and Nora L., 2507 214 St., Port Byron
Lot 2, Replat Lot 15, 16 and 17 in Peterson\'s 2 Addn., Silvis $55,000.

LENAGHAN, John E. and Corrine M., to MOWER, Mark E., 2932 Archer Dr., East
Moline Lot 1, J E Lenaghan\'s 1 Addn., Rock Island $70,000.

LINGRIS, Catherine D., to HERTZ, Verner H. and Margt. O., 930 17 St., Moline
Unit 15, Beverly Manor Condos, Moline $52,000.

LIPPEL, Reno and Brigitte H., to BIRDITT, Chas T. Jr. and Susy A., 8321 51 St.
Ct, Coal Valley Lot 12 and Part Lot 11, Balcaens 4 Subdiv. $133,000.

LOUSBERG, Peter H. and Joann M., to MOWEN, James A., 1800 7 St., East Moline
Uint 12A, Summit Ridge Condo East Moline $80,500.

MARLOF, Raymond H. and Jo Ann, to WINTERS, Vicki L. and WESTOMORELAND, Lois
J., 1627 36 St., Rock Island Part Lot 8, Block C, Edgewood Park Addn., Rock
Island $24,000.

McGOVERN, Wm. F. and Karen K., to KOPATZ, Thos. M. and Shirley A., 3120
Chateau Knoll Bettendorf Lot 25, Applewood Addn., East Moline $29,000.

McKINNON, Johnnie and Mary, to THOMPSON, Chas E., 520 7 St., Rock Island Part
Lot 5 and 6, Block 43, Chicago or Lower Addn., Rock Island no rev.

McMAHILL, Lyn, to VERMEULEN, Richard R. and Donna, 4906 49 Ave., Moline Part
NE 1/4 Sec. 30-30-2 no rev.

MEDD, Richard L. and Alberta E., to BEECHER, Kent C. and Marsha L., 3305 15
Ave. Ct, Moline Lot 78, Homewood 2 Addn., Moline $152,500.

MILLER, Gurtha L., to KREIDER, John D. and Diana M., 3013 W 148, Ave., Milan
Lot 2, Cherrydale 3 Addn. $96,500.

MILLER, Jarrod S., to MC MILLIN, David E., 3225 Archer Dr., East Moline Part
E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 1-17-1 $58,0000.

MORGAN, James L. and Barbara J., to HOWES, John R., Trustee, PO Box 98,
Davenport Lot 2, Paradise Valley Subdiv. $90,000.

MORRISON, Donald E. and Marilyn J., to KLINE, Kenneth W. and Joane K., 2526
Park PL, Evanston, Ill. Lot 4, Bel Aire 2 Addn., Rock Island $97,500.

MUELLER, Carrie I., to MILLEN, Erwin A. Evelyn J., 404 20 St. N, East Moline
Lot 29, 30, 31 and 32, Block 41, Town of Watertown, East Moline $2,500.

NEER, Arlene W., to POWELL, Phyllis, 3929 8 Ave., Rock Island Part Lot 10,
Block 2, Brooks 4 Addn., Rock Island $23,500.

NEYENS, Robt. T. and Patricia D., to MILLER, Gurtha L., 3546 3 St. A, East
Moline Lot 219, Millbrook 3 Addn., East Moline $69,000.

NOBLE, Stephen D. and Kathy L., to HART, Gale D.,24326 N 101 Ave., Port Byron
Part NE 1/4 Sec. 20-19-2 $86,000.

O\'HARA, Robt. P., and Irene, to GALEA, Jeanette, 6806 N Sheridan, Chicago Lot
31, Edgewater Place Subdiv. $35,000.

ORVIS, Linda M. and Bruce E., to STEFANI, Eugene C. and Joelyn A., 4806 6 Ave.
Dr., Moline Unit 1, Seven Oaks Condo $125,000.

PETERSEN, Anna F., to PUCKETT, Vivian E., 815 20 St., Rock Island Lot 3,
Block 3, John W Spencer\'s 3 Addn., Rock Island $37,500.

PETTIFER, Wesley A., to NEWBERRY, Kay S., 1177 24 St., Moline Part Lot 20 and
29, Block 6, Acme Addn., Moline $44,500.

RAY, Richard L. Jr., to VALENTINE, Wayne, 424 22 St., Rock Island Lot 11,
Block 7, Buford and Guyers Addn., Rock Island $36,000.

RIBBECK, Thos J. and Cindy L., to DIXON, Sandra, 1616 25 Ave., Moline Part
Lot 6, block 6, Stewarts Subdiv. $37,500.

RINELL, Robt. T. and Estel M., to JOHNSON, Richard A. and Margt. A., 712 3 St.
A, Moline Part Lot 28, Campbell\'s Addn., Rock Island $92,000.

SANDHOLM, Wm. E. and Janette M., to SANDHOLM, David A. Shelley R., 1755 35 St.
Dr., Moline Part Lot 26 and 27, Fredericksen\'s Addn., Moline $25,000.

SCHWARZ, Eric F. and Janet L., to DE MAUGHT, Dennis M. and Pamela S., 1349 36
Ave., Rock Island Part Lot 1 and 2, Lot Mosenfelder\'s Hillcrest Addn., Rock
Island $147,000.

SHEPHERD, Dale R., to COLE, Guy S. and Susan L., 504 4 Ave. W, Andalusia Lot
36, Mississippi Meadows Addn., Parcel 1, Andalusia $74,000.

SMART, Harriet M. and Era H., to TAETS, Nora M. Kriegermeier, Betty J., Rt. 1,
Box 131, New Windsor Lot 38, Sydnor Court Addn., Milan no rev.

SPAULDING, Verna M., to STROUPE, Wm. W. and Paula J., 1632 19 Ave., Moline
Lot 8, Aswege and Nelson\'s Subdiv., Moline $19,500.

SPROUL, Geo F., to BASISTA, Peter S. and Jerri L., 1816 43 St., Rock Island
Lot 5, Block 2, Hedgeside Addn., Rock Island $46,500.

STRANBERG, Robt. E. and Irene E., to FAIRCHILD, Kathleen T., 2809 12 Ave.,
Rock Island Unit 501, Eleven Oaks Condos, Rock Island $60,500.

SWANSON, Don A. and Sally J., to BLANC, Gene M. and Lynne R., 409 25 Ave. Ct,
East Moline Part SW 1/4 Sec. 8-17-1, Moline $2,500.

SWIFT, James A. Jr. and Geraldine M., to SWIFT, James A. Jr. and Geraldine M.,
3736 12 St., Rock Island Lot 7, Block 3, Rodman Place Addn., Rock Island no

SYMENS, Nora I., to WESTMORLAND, J L and Janet M., 8301 Ridgewood Road, Rock
Island Part Lot 44, Geo Mixter\'s Subdiv., Rock Island $24,000.

TAETS, Nora M. and Richard, et al, to REED, Robt. W. Jr. and Kristan A., 614 W
8 Ave., Milan Lot 38, Sydnor Court Addn., Milan $35,000.

TE BOCKHORST, Margt. A. and JOHNSON, Marie L., to MILLER, Dennis L. and Todd
A., 612 4 Ave. A, Hampton Lot 15, Block 163, Town of East Moline $34,000.

UHDE, H. Norman and Gleyn A., to RIBBECK, Thos. J. and Cindy L., 1616 25 Ave.,
Moline Lot 24, Westwood 3 Addn., Moline $95,000.

VAN WOLVELAERE, Tod D. and RUUD, Kathryn I., to JOHNSON, David R. and Glenda,
2315 18 St. C, Moline Part Lot 2 and 3, A G Anderson\'s 1 Addn., Moline

VERSLUIS, Patirck E. and Alice M., to MUPPAWARAPU, Prasad, 7100 36 Ave. B,
Moline Lot 21, Twin Oaks Addn., Moline $200,000.

WAINWRIGHT, Gary R. and Rosemary, to GROVES, John T. and Shelley M., 4503 230
St. N, Port Byron Part NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 8-18-2 no rev.

WESTON, John L. and Ferrie W., et al, to RAMOS, Rodolfo and Maria, 142 RR
Ave., Moline Part Lot 5 and 6, Block 1, Alday\'s 2 Addn., Moline $12,500.

WILEY, Frank R. and Mary A., to ROSEMAN, Lawrence D. and Loretta, 2614
Friendship Farm Rd., East Moline Part N 1/2 W 1/2 SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 8-17-1

WOODLEY, Lillian M., to ARNOLD, Peter M. and Brenda E., 18505 Highway 84 N,
East Moline Lot 1, Estes Subdiv. $48,000.

WOOLEY, June M., to SIMMER, Todd A. and ROMAN, Angela L., 3345 47 Ave., Rock
Island Lot 9, Block 3, 21st St. Addn., Rock Island $40,500.

YENCSIK, Thos D., to CLAUS, Christopher S. and Heather A., 1513 1 Ave. A.,
Rapids City Part Lot 15, Village of Rapids City $22,000.

Corporate deeds

Lot 143, 2nd Addn. to Heritage Subdiv., Moline $62,000.

FIRST NATL BANK OF QUAD CITIES, to BEASLEY, Earl F. and Ruth M., 7427 106 Ave.
W, Taylor Ridge Part Sec. 1-16-3, Edgington, Etc. $12,000.

Valen Way, Naples, Fla. Unit 2, French Farm Condos, Rock Island $165,500.

Davenport Lot 1, uiskamp 1 Addn., Rock Island $33,000.

OAK TREE HOMES INC., to NOEL, David R. and Pamela J., 304 13 Ave. S, Cordova
Lot 1, Sunset Acres 3 Subdiv., Cordova $65,500.

RENEW MOLINE INC., to CITY OF MOLINE, 619 16 St., Moline Part Lot, Block 19,
Old or Original Town, Moline no rev.

RENEW MOLINE INC., to CITY OF MOLINE Part Lot 1 and 2, Block 19, Old Town,
Moline no rev.

RENEW MOLINE INC., to CITY OF MOLINE, 619 16 St., Moline Lot 2 and Part Lot
3, Block 9, Old or Original Town, Moline no rev.

RI ECONOMIC GROWTH CORP., TO to LIPPEL, Reno and Brigitte, 902 22 St., Rock
Island Lot 1, Block 2, M Schnells 1 Addn., Rock Island $97,000.

Deeds in trust

AKERS, Calvin T. and Dorothy L., to KARENKE, Carole W., Trustee, 2440 Troy
Dr., East Moline Lot 2, Merry Oaks 2 Addn. $73,000.

CLOUW, Judith A. Frommelt, to CLOUW, Judith A., Trustee, 1151 49 St., Moline
Lot 6, Oak Hills Addn. no rev.

KLINE, Kenneth W. and Joane K., to FIRST NATL BK OF MOLINE, Trustee, Lot 5,
Bel Aire 2 Addn., Rock Island no rev.

LEIBOVITZ, Robt. and Shirley A., to PINNACLE BANK, Trustee Part NW 1/4 Sec.
32-18-1, Silvis $200,000.

LUTH, Harold J. and Vida A., to LUTH, Vida A., Trustee, 3438 52 St. Ct, Moline

Lot 15, Homewood 4 Addn., Moline no rev.

SCHREINER, Orval C. and Bernetta I., to SCHREINER, Orval C. and Bernetta I.,
co-Trustees, 738 17 Ave., East Moline Lot 5, Block 191, Town, now City of
East Moline no rev.

SCHULDT, Judith A., to KLINSTRA, Rensie, Trustee, 1410 27 Ave., Moline Part
NW 1/4 NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 8-7-1 no rev.

Executors deeds

HAMERLINCK, Audrey, Executor of Will Veloyce J. Brewer, to VANCIL, David L.
and Kristine, 1505 E 39 St., Davenport lot 13, Block 6, Columbia Park Addn.,
Moline $44,500.

OTTO, Pamela C., Executor of Will Duane Otto Sr., to UHDE, H. Norman and Gleyn
A., 4200 26 Ave., Rock Island Lot t12, Jos D. Bollingers 7 Addn., Rock
Island $63,000.

PURCELL, Patricia A., Executor of Will John Lehan, to LEHAN, Mark J., 2009 31
St., Rock Island Lot 10, Washington Meadows Addn., Rock Island $41,000.

STALEY, Stephen E. and Ronald L., co-Executor of Will Richard Staley, to
NEWSWANDER, Marilyn, 819 W 12 St., Milan Lot 18, Highland Addn., Milan

STROSCHE, Bernice, to BANKS, Timothy L. and Elisha E., 1200 12 St., Rock
Island Lot 79, Exposition Park Addn., Rock Island $28,000.

Henry County

Real estate deeds

ANDERSON, Beatrice M., Kewanee, to MINTON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A., Bradford
Part Lot 1, Block 2, Fairmont Addn., Kewanee $28,500.

BLOOMBERG, Mr. and Mrs. Mark S., Fla., et al, to SAWYERS, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
H., Orion Lot 19, Hardin 3 Addn., Orion $68,500.

CAMEY, Margt. L., et al, Kewanee, to TUDDER, Mr. and Mrs. Mark L., Kewanee
Part Lot 20, Blish\'s Subdiv., Kewanee $30,000.

CLEMENS, Mr. and Marion E., Geneseo, to LAPPE, Mr. and Mrs. Wm, colona LOt 8,
Hanna Farms $98,500.

COLE, Mr. and Mrs. Veryl D., to JOHNSON, Bill A. and Tamey J., Part Lot 8,
Block 2, Orig., Orion $5,000.

DUPREE, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L., Iowa, to JENKINS, Colleen M., Geneseo Lot 4,
Block 13, Wm T Allan\'s Addn., Geneseo $40,000.

FEURER, Ruth A., Colona, TO ADAMS, Gordon, Colona Part Block 17, Orig.,
Colona $14,500.

FLOMING, Mr. and Mrs. Burdette J., Geneseo, to OCHS, Pamela J., Colona JPart
Gettys Block, Geneseo $56,000.

Rock Lot 9, Block 11, Ryan Gardens, Green Rock $17,500.

HAWKEYE LAND CO., to WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. Thos E., Coal Valley Part NE 1/4
Sec. 27-16-1 no rev.

GRANGER, Alvera J., Cambridge, to PRICE, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W., Cambridge
Lot 12, F Swansons Subdiv., Cambridge $52,000.

INGELS, Nancy J., Galva, to DILLON, Pamela A. and MILLER, Geraldine E., Galva
Lot 1 and 2, Block 7, Farr\'s Addn., Galva $22,500.

JOHNSON, Ethel M., Cambridge, to JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Galen D., Cambridge
Part Lot 7, Block 5, Goulds Addn., Cambridge $7,500.

KAMPEN, Delamr W. and BOCKER, Virgil L., to BISSCHOP, Mr. and Mrs. David part
NE 1/4 Sec. 21-15-5 $41,000.

KUSTER, Berneice C. and OLSON, Shirley, Kewanee, to BRIDGEWATER, Irene,
Kewanee Lot 20, Eastlawn Subdiv., Kewanee $21,000.

McNABB, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Arizona, to WOMBLE, Mr. and Mrs. Thos L.,
Kewanee Lot 3, Block 2, Morton Place Addn., Kewanee $27,000.

MYERS, Bill B., Kewanee, to ANDRIS, Glen H. and Denise N., Kewanee Lot 2,
Block 3, McKinley Place Addn., Kewanee $40,000.

NANSEEF, David A., Kewanee to MORASKI, John T. and Christopher, J., Kewanee
Part Lot 3, Block 18, Blish\'s Addn., Kewanee $13,500.

OUART, Loren L., to KAMPEN, Delmar M. and BOCKER, Virgil L. Part NE 1/4 Sec.
21-15-5 no rev.

33 an 34-16-5, Etc. $2,000,000.

PICKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Thos E., Kewanee, to LOONEY, Mr. and Mrs. Steven J.,
Kewanee Lot 1, Country Club Estates 1 Addn., Kewanee $83,000.

RASHID, Mr. and Mrs. James F., Galva, to SEGURA, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J., Kewanee
Part Sec. 27 and 28-14-5 $85,000.

UNRATH, Mr. and Mrs. James A., Geneseo, to SARGINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Earl R.,
Iowa Lot 41, Hazelwood Addn. $86,000.

URICK, Mr. and Mrs. Dean D., Geneseo, to URICK, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C., P-Town
Part Sec. 8-18-4 $140,000.

WEBER, Mr. and Mrs. Wm J., Bloomington, to PALANOS, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A.,
Kewanee Part NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 11-15-5 $13,000.

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Dan J., Geneseo, to NORWAY, Mr. and Mrs. James D.,
Geneseo Part Lot 3, Block 2, Vail\'s 1 Addn., Geneseo $85,000.

YAKLICH, Mr. and Mrs. Michael S., Kewanee, to HENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Tony R.,
Kewanee Part Chas Danielsons Subdiv., Kewanee $38,000.

Deeds in trust

HANFORD, Wm., to Trustee Part Lot 12, Block 4, Munsons 2 Addn., Geneseo no

LITTLE, Ralph E., to Trustee Part Lot 8, Block 1, Wells Addn., Geneseo no