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Posted Online: Aug. 25, 1996, 1:00 am  
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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Noteprice is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County

Warranty deeds

JOHNSON, Gary W. and Martha J. to STOUT, Charley L. and Laura M. Cabry's
Addition to East Moline, Lot 132 \$68,000.

GORSELL, Dolores E. and Armin J. to KUMP, Alan W. Section 10, Township 17,
Range 2W $39,000.

PULFORD, Arthur B. and Karen S. to HENNEL, Ronald D. Meersman's Quarter Acre
Addition, Lot 26 $30,000.

ELLIOTT, Luella M. to GOODMAN, Marjorie J. Edgewood Hill Addition, Lot 1

LUEBBE, Jody L. and MARTIN, Dennis L. and Jody L. to KLAUER, Steven P. and
Tina M. Western Acres 2nd Addition, Lot 6, Portion EX $66,000.

WILDERMUTH, Alvin J. and Jennie M. to LUCE, Clark D. and Myra R. Emma D.
Velie's Addition, Lot 94, Portion PT, Lot 95, Portion PT, Lot 96, Portion PT,
Lot 97, Portion PT, Lot 98, Portion PT $76,000.

NITZEL, Michael G. and Kami S. to O'NEIL, Charles J. Highland Addition
Moline, Outlot 6, Portion PT $56,500.

LANGUM, Patricia A. and TAYLOR, Patricia A. and LANGUM, David L. to DENBROK,
Llewellyn and Linda P H WESSEL 2nd Addition, Block 2, Lot 15 $58,000.

REINHART, Jack E. and Patsy L. to HAIDRI, Naseer H. and Shama Atkinson's
Subdivision, Outlot 20, S32-18-1W, Block 2, Lot 8 $20,500.

HAIDRI, Shama and Naseer H. to JACKS, Danny Atkinson's Subdivision Outlot 20
S32-18-1W, Block 2, Lot 8 $21,500.

STEWART, Judith A. to HOLMQUIST, Melisa M. Maria Edward's 2nd Addition, Block
2, Lot 2, Portion PT $31,500.

LARSON, Mary K. and Zane G. to HOLMQUIST, Bennett E. and Sharon C. Huber's
1st Addition, Lot 2, Portion PT, Lot 3, Portion PT $52,500.

MORAETES, Speros and Spiros and Katherine to FULTZ, Jackie J. Henry McNiel's
Subdivision, Outlot 13, Portion PT $30,000.

KEHOE, Lawrence F. to KALE, Thomas M. and Judith K. Clyde W. Findlay's
Addition, Lot 20 $60,000.

JOHNSON, Richard A. and Sharon M. to LORENZ, Maryellen Columbia Park
Addition, Block 1, Lot 7 $60,000.

MISFELDT, Frederick G. to GRAWE, Daniel L. and Carol A. Witter's 2nd
Subdivision, Lot 15 $22,000.

GRAWE, Daniel L. and Carol A. to SHARP, Dewey D. and Linda N. Witter's 2nd
Subdivision, Lot 15 $19,000.

PETTITT, Tamara J. and STROSAHL, Tamara J. and Wendell R. to LARSON, Barbara
J. West Highland Addition, Lot 97 $59,000.

HORN, Mary A. and GRIFFIN, Richard O. and Marilyn J. and HORN, Wilbur to
DIEHL, Hoyt B. Section 13, Township 18, Range 2E $17,000.

HAEGEMAN, Louise to LOPEZ, Debbie Y. and RAMIREZ-ALONSO, Jose L., ALONSO, Jose
L. Ramirez Town of East Moline, Block 151, Lot 23, Portion PT, Block 151, Lot
24, Portion PT $24,500.

PARCHERT, Marilynn E. and William F. Jr. to PARCHERT, James R. and Haydee E.
Section 21, Township 16, Range 4W $5,000.

WINTER, Jean M. to ELSNER, Marsha L. and Edwin A. Section 8, Township 17,
Range 1W $17,500.

SCHOECK, James E. and Cynthia K. to PERRY, David J. and JACKSON, Kristin A.
Lincoln Park Boulevard, Lot 35, Lot 36 $55,500.

CROSSTOWN MEADOWS, INC. to BOORE, Russell P. Crosstown Meadows, Lot 2

WOODS, Wellington W. III and Shirley J. to CORD, Theodore H. Cliff Heights
1st Addition, Lot 4 $70,500.

TRUE, Ricard W. and Janice L. to FALCON, Raul Oneida Heights 2nd Addition,
Lot 8 $42,500.

BOGGUESS, Eric R. and Joan M. to DUYVEJONCK, Ethel Brittany Lane Subdivision,
Block 1, Lot 6 $65,500.

VOTROUBEK, Robert M. and Pamela S. to PHAM, Tuan A. Town of East Moline,
Block 171, Lot 10, Block 171, Lot 11 $82,000.

KERCKHOVE, Larry R. to PRUETT, Marsha A. Town of East Moline, Block 182, Lot
6 $37,000.

BURGER, Phillip N. and Karen E. to FOWLER, Roderic J. East Villa Park
Addition, Lot 162 $85,000.

DE ROSSETT, John G. to HARMISON, Dennis L. and Christine E. Hillcrest 4th
Addition-Blackhawk Township, Lot 27 $56,000.

MANDZEN, Sarah P. to STUART, Kevin D. Child's 2nd Addition, Block 1, Lot 7,
Portion PT $64,000.

EDMAN, James A. and Marcia N. to MANDZEN, Sarah P. Laud's Subdivision, Lot 1

PARCHERT, James R. and Haydee E. to IHMS, Kevin L. and Sherri D. Parchert's
Subdivision, Lot 1 $26,000.

WREN, Jean L. to SPIVER, Allen R. and SPIVEY, Linda L. Babcock Acre Addition,
Block 2, Lot 4 $35,000.

WERNICK, John R. and Debra J. to FIERS, Charles P. Jr. Town of East Moline,
Block 183, Lot 28 $35,000.

GOFF, David D. to EDISON DEVELOPMENT CO. Paul Versluis 2nd Addition, Lot 2,
Portion PT, Lot 3, Portion PT $69,000.

EDISON DEVELOPMENT CO to FONTENOY, Raymond P. Paul Versluis 2nd Addition, Lot
2, Portion PT, Lot 3, Portion PT $69,000.

WIDDOP, Jeffrey T. and Dana L. to TAYOR, Daniel J. and Mary L. Park Hill
Estates Addition, Lot 1 $98,000.

GRAND LODGE-IA, A.F. & A.M to BROWN, Robert J. Sheridan Heights Addition to
Moline, Lot 9, Portion PT $17,000.

DE PORTER, Jill M. and Brian L. to PAPISH, Michelle K. Meadowlawn 6th
Addition, Lot 15 $59,000.

DIEDERICH, Patricia to SCOTT, Ethel F. Velie Estates 2nd Condo, Lot 20

MILEFCHIK, Dale G. and Susan J. to LAWRENCE, Elmer E. and Naomi J. K. Turkey
Hollow Run Subdivision, Lot 9 $210,000.

RICKETTS, Constance E. and John R. Sr. to RICKETTS, Johnnie R. Jr. and Angela
K. Cabry's Addition to East Moline, Lot 43 $25,000.

ELLIS, William R. and Sandra J. to SCHOECK, James E. and Cynthia K. Spring
Hill Estates 1st Addition, Lot 23 $98,000.

MANDER, Peter J. and Donna K. to ELLIS, William R. and Sandra J. Golden Hills
3rd Addition, Lot 1 $142,500.

CANIDA, Selma to CHANDLER, Ronald L. and Delores E. Section 15, Township 17,
Range 1W $17,000.

KANE, Dale A. to CHANDLER, Ronald L. and Delores E. Section 15, Township 17,
Range 1W $15,000.

VERBEKE, Robert L. and Delores I. to DE PORTER, Brian L. and Jill M. Hillview
4th Addition, Lot 10 $95,000.

PRUST, William to MAZZAROLLO, Susan L. Cornelius Lynde's Addition, Block 6,
Lot 1, Portion PT, Block 6, Lot 2, Portion PT $36,500.

Industrial Park-Rock Island, Lot 5 $265,000.

WILLIAMS, Linda K. to HAWOTTE, Ricky L. and Patricia A. Jackson's
Subdivision-Moline, Lot 2 $180,000.

MOSS, Mark P. and Avis R. to COX, Laird C. Oak Grove Addition, Block 1, Lot
4 $39,000.

CRAWFORD, James G. to FRENCH, Harold and Marjorie Putt Subdivision, Lot 2

JORGESEN, William C. to GRAHAM, Paul I. and Jenie M. Valley Creek Phase 1-CV,
Lot 3 $107,500.

OLMSTEAD, Charles A. and Joni L. to GRAVES, Larry and Patricia Section 4,
Township 17, Range 1W $42,500.

ISHMAEL, Lawrence H. and Verna M. to DIEDERICH, Patricia Warner's Park
Addition, Block 3, Lot 1, Portion PT $59,500.

EVANS, Barbara J. and Carlisle E. to SNOW, Daniel G. and Kimberly A. Mary E.
Wilson Addition, Outlot C, Portion PT $56,000.

WINTERS CUSTOM HOMES, INC. to WILLIAMS, Shirley J. and Ronald H. Applewood
Too Addition-East Moline, Lot 3 $38,000.

FOREST SIDING SUPPLY, INC. to BRUTSCHE, Steven P. and Kristine M. Milan
Industrial Park 2nd Subdivision, Lot 7 $23,500.

CLAYTON, Marsha A. and Gary L. to WALLACE, Michael A. and Mari J. Osborn's
2nd Addition, Block 6, Lot 8 $32,000.

FOSBINDER, Sandra L. to SCALF, Linda E. Oak Terrace, Lot 4, Portion PT,
Terrace Hill Addition, Lot 1 $48,000.

KUCERA, Terry J. and Kathleen M. to ANDREWS L.L.C. Section 12, Township 18,
Range 2E, Section 12, Township 18, Range 2E $184,000.

CLOWES, Richard L. and Norma J. to CRULL, Donna Town of East Moline, Block
180, Lot 13 $29,500.

HUIZAR, Celina to UNSWORTH, Dennis J. 21st Street Addition, Block 1, Lot 4

Trustee deeds

PETERSON, Keith H. Trust to GURSZECZKA, Edward C. and Janet M. Highland
Addition-Moline, Outlot 6, Portion PT $41,500.

Township 17, Range 2W $18,000.

HUTCHSINSON, Helen E. Trust to PAULSEN, Betty M. Scherer Park Addition, Lot
7 $47,500.

Deeds in trust

NORLING, Hilmer K. to NORLING, Dennis A. as trustee Villa Park, Lot 49 No

SHAMSIE, Michael R. to METROBANK Stipp's 2nd Addition, East Moline, Lot 2 No

BOWKER, Melvin D. and Marilyn J. to METROBANK Edgewood Condo, East Moline,
Lot 6 $60,000.

WILSON, Helen E. to WILSON, Helen E. Trust Section 11, Township 16, Range 6W,
Section 11, Township, 16, Range 6W, Section 12, Township 16, Range 2W, Section
12, Township 16, Range 6W No Rev.

WILSON, Helen E. to WILSON, Helen E. Trust Hillcrest Court Addition, South
Moline Township, Lot 14 No Rev.

CHINAL, Joan F. and Eugene S. to CHINAL, Joan F. Rev. Living Trust Crestwood
Hills Addition, Lot 122 No Rev.

ZWICKER, Harold C. and Dorothy L. to ZWICKER, Harold C. and Dorothy L.
Section 25, Township 16, Range 2W No Rev.

PETERSON, David W. to PETERSON, David W. Section 16, Township 16, Range 5W,
Bright's 1st Addition, Lot 3 No Rev.

BLAIR, Neola M. to BLAIR, Neola M. Rev. Trust Agreement Meadowlawn 1st
Addition, Lot 7 No Rev.

Executor's deeds

REED, Gillis M. to RITCHIE, Denise A. Bauer's Subdivision, Lot 4 $129,000.

Henry County

Warranty deeds

NORWEST BANK, Galva to SB TOULON Assessor's Subdivision, Lot 12, Lot 13, Lot
25, Lot 26, Lot 27, Block 42 $49,000.

CRONAU, Marjorie to JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Rees Addition, Lot 34

CLEARMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. to JENNES, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Hickory
Hills 3rd Addition, Lot 3 $15,500.

WAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. to SPIVEY, Angela For $1 on Prop. in Section
Baxters Addition, Lot 1, Block B $1.

TOLBERT, Maxine Cardy to NEWMAN, Helen R. Section 4, Township 14 North, Range
5 $52,000.

DEAN, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. II to HEPNER, Rodney E. and JOHNSON, Mary L.
Wiley, Fleming and Davis Addition, Lot 7, Lot 8, Block 17 $4,500.

SKOGLUND, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin to TOLLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Shady Crest
3rd Addition, Lot 21 $121,000.

STEES, Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. to RASCHKE, John R. Section 27, Township 17
North, Range 2 $42,000.

LAVERY, Tara L. to DE BO, Donald J. Section 32, Township 18 North, Range 3

Resubdivision, Lot 14 $108,000.

GREEN, Patricia M. and ERICSON, Betty J. to LEGERE, Karen K. Block 14, Lot 6,
Lot 7, Lot 8 $12,500.

LUNDBURG, Dean S. for Clair W. by power of attorney to WITTER, Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Goulds Addition, Lot 13, Lot 14, Block 6 $27,500.

TUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Everette D. to GIRKIN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Crabtrees
Subdivision $2,000.

Trustees deeds

STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. David J. from Trustee Lot 3, Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, Block
2, 1, Cleveland $3,000.

JONES, Mr. and Mrs. James T. III from Trustee Eliza Cone's Addition, Lot 7,
Block 2 $66,000.

CARTON, Melvin F. Trust to LEEMANS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Section 19,
Township 18 North, Range 5 $55,000.

HENRY, Mary Trust to KENNEY, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. McKinley Place Addition,
Block 1, Lot 12 $38,000.

CONNER, Valerie Trust to AST CABINET SHOP Ebel's Subdivision, Section 32,
Township 15 North, Range 5 $77,500.

Local events heading

  Today is Thursday, Oct. 2, the 275th day of 2014. There are 90 days left in the year.

1864 -- 150 years ago: The ladies have adopted the fashion of wearing representations of insects in the flowers on their bonnets. Some look very natural.
1889 -- 125 years ago: T.F. Cary, former Rock Island alderman, has accepted a position as salesman for a Chicago wallpaper house and plans to move to that city.
1914 -- 100 years ago: Work on the new telephone building on 18th Street between 6th and 7th avenues is progressing rapidly.
1939 -- 75 years ago: Rock Island's new theater at 3rd Avenue and 19th Street will have a name significant of its location. The "Rocket" is scheduled to open Thanksgiving Day.
1964 -- 50 years ago: Two of Rock Island's newest water towers were vandalized last night, including the one at 38th Street and 31st Avenue, where police took five Moline boys into custody about 9 p.m..
1989 -- 25 years ago: Some of us who live in the Quad-Cities take the Mississippi River for granted, or at least we used to. But the river is not taken for granted by our visitors. And most Quad-Citians are realizing the importance of the river to this area as increased emphasis is placed on tourism.

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